Honor shows off the Magic V2's ability to run apps in parallel

A look at Honor's parallel space app for the Magic V2.
(Image credit: Austin Evans / YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Austin Evans playtests Honor's "parallel space" app on the Magic V2 with two copies of the same Android game.
  • Running two copies of the game was fairly smooth (60fps), and parallel space will transfer the apps onto its external display if the Magic V2 is closed.
  • Parallel space will work with "most" apps, and users will likely have better optimization for apps less intensive.

Some attention is being paid to Honor's software packed into its latest foldable launch which is surprisingly quite powerful. YouTuber Austin Evans showed off the company's latest device, the Magic V2, and an app called "parallel space." Opening this app brings users into a separate space on their phone, allowing users to run a "separate copy of most apps."

In Evans' test, he was able to open one copy of League of Legends Wild Rift and then activate split-screen mode. This mode creates a quick menu on the bottom half of his Magic V2 with suggested apps to open, however, he selects the same game.

With each instance of Wild Rift operating on a separate Google account, Evans was able to play them both simultaneously on his own and with a colleague.

The capability of Honor's parallel space takes an interesting turn as users can close their device and the phone will still display both instances of an app on the outer display — just a little smaller.

Evans states both instances of the game were able to run pretty well, as each window clocked in at 60fps. The YouTuber adds that while parallel space doesn't work for every app in the Play Store, the software is more optimized for running two instances of less intensive apps like WhatsApp.

As a side note, Honor's software prowess has also been spotted correcting some horrendous tablet UI errors X (Twitter) users have had to deal with. According to Bencsin, the software found within the Magic V2 can force the X app into a two-pane layout, bringing a little more structure to its view so everything isn't unnecessarily stretched and bloated.

Honor launched the Magic V2, the successor to the Magic Vs, back in July in China. The foldable is the industry's thinnest, coming in at 4.8mm when unfolded and 9.9mm when folded, beating out Samsung's recent Z Fold 5. Users will discover a 7.9-inch internal display and a 6.43-inch external screen, as well.

The Chinese OEM equipped the phone with a "super light" titanium hinge which is said to be 150% stronger than steel or aluminum found in other devices.

Internally, Honor outfitted the foldable with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and its own in-house developed 2.2mm silicon-carbon battery setup. Though the Magic V2 has been confined to the Chinese market since July, the company plans to take on Samsung's Fold 5 once the device launches globally on September 1.

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