T-Mobile's 'Phone Freedom' makes it easier to switch, brings new 5G plans and faster upgrades

T-Mobile's announcement of "Phone Freedom."
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What you need to know

  • T-Mobile has announced "Phone Freedom," a way to help customers get rid of binding three-year contracts.
  • The Go5G and Go5G Plus plan offer deals and great devices every two years.
  • The Easy Unlock and Go Back Guarantee lets customers come and go as they please.
  • This all begins on April 23 with Easy Unlock and the Essentials savings around for a limited time.

After a live-streamed event on Thursday, T-Mobile announced "Phone Freedom," a new UnCarrier initiative that ensures consumers can upgrade their phones more often than on other carriers.

At the forefront is a new Go5G Plus plan that will be available on April 23 for T-Mobile customers and small businesses. The Go5G Plus plan offers new and existing customers the same deals and includes the "New in Two," allowing customers to upgrade their device every two years instead of the three-year cadence offered by other carriers.

T-Mobile will also offer Go5G Plus subscribers a free 5G phone (up to $830) with an eligible trade-in.

T-Mobile's new Go5G Plus plan compared to other plans.

T-Mobile's new Go5G Plus plan compared to plans on other carriers. (Image credit: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile states its Go5G Plus plan takes what it offers in its Magenta MAX plan to the next level for customers looking for a bit more. This includes 50GB of hotspot data, 15GB of high-speed data in Mexico and Canada each month, and $120 in auto-pay savings per year for two lines. T-Mobile is also offering a third line for free for a limited time.

As far as perks go, customers can save around $270 on Netflix on Us, Apple TV+, free high-speed data in 215+ destinations, Scam Shield Protection, and more built into the plan itself.

The Un-carrier also included a base Go5G plan for those just interested in gaining some more data under their belt. By comparison, these new Go5G plans cost $5 more than the company's current Magenta plans for a single line, while the new Essential Savings plan costs $5 less.

T-Mobile Go5G plans

(Image credit: T-Mobile)

Next, the service's "Easy Unlock" will go up against other U.S. carriers like AT&T by helping customers out of their commitments. T-Mobile already offers to pay off old phones (up to $650 via prepaid Mastercard) if you're still tied to another carrier. However, now customers can trade in their eligible locked device and get a new one for free when switching to T-Mobile.

However, for those of you that switch and find that T-Mobile may not be the best option for them, the carrier is offering a new "Go Back Guarantee," which allows customers to cut ties with the carrier within 30 days if they are unsatisfied. There will be no additional fee for leaving, although T-Mobile will pay $50 back per line toward your bill if you leave within the previously stated time frame.

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