Mint Mobile's insane Cyber Monday deal gives you six months of 5G service for just $45

Mint Mobile Cyber Week offer
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Thinking of switching carriers? Mint Mobile has an irresistible Cyber Week offer for new customers that gives you three months of free wireless service when you pick up one of the carrier's three-month plans. The best part is that the carrier offers 5G service at no additional cost, so you're looking at six-month plans with 5G service starting out as low as just $45. 

Unlike other carrier deals, you don't need to buy a new phone at Mint Mobile to be eligible for the offer. Just choose the data plan you're interested in, pay for three months of service, and you get an additional three months for absolutely free. 

The $45 plan is the base tier that comes with 4GB of 4G or 5G data a month. If you need more cellular data, here's a rundown of what Mint Mobile has to offer, and how much each plan costs for six months of coverage: 

  • Six months of 4GB monthly data: $45
  • Six months of 10GB monthly data: $60
  • Six months of 15GB monthly data: $75
  • Six months of Unlimited monthly data: $90

Looking at all the plans, the one that hits the sweet spot is the 10GB option; it costs $20 a month and gives you an adequate amount of 4G or 5G cellular data based on your location. Mint Mobile also has an unlimited tier that costs $30 a month, and the caveat with that plan is that it has a fair usage policy of 35GB — your data will be throttled if you exceed that limit. 

I used Mint Mobile the last time I was in the U.S., and it worked incredibly well for the three months I used the service. We were visiting California and had to attend a family event in Florida and then headed to New York, and I had a reliable 4G signal throughout. The best part was how straightforward it was to activate the service; I just slotted in the SIM card in my phone (a Xiaomi Mi Note 10), and it registered the service in a few minutes. 

If you're mulling a carrier change, now is the best time to give Mint Mobile a try and see if it works for your needs. 

Mint Mobile Cyber Week offer — get three months free service with a three-month plan

Mint Mobile: Get three months of 5G service for free

Mint Mobile: Get three months of 5G service for free

With three months of free wireless coverage, now is as good a time as any to switch to Mint Mobile if you're thinking of changing carriers. 

With four plans available, you can choose a tier that fits your data needs, and with plans starting out at just $45 for six months of service, this is a fabulous deal. 

Regardless of the plan you choose, you get the following features as standard: free nationwide calls and texts in the U.S., free calls to Mexico and Canada, ability to tether the cellular line via a hotspot, and Wi-Fi calling. You can get a physical SIM or go with the eSIM option too. 

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