AT&T expands its ActiveArmor cybersecurity for fiber customers

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What you need to know

  • AT&T introduces expanded features for its ActiveArmor cybersecurity.
  • The new features are available only to AT&T Fiber customers through the Smart Home Managing app.
  • To utilize them, customers will need to pay a $7 a month subscription.

Today, AT&T is expanding its ActiveArmor cybersecurity. AT&T customers can take advantage of this new expansion through the new "Advanced Privacy & Protection" features.

This more detailed approach to cybersecurity wellbeing comes only for AT&T fiber customers. People with fiber can use these features through the Smart Home Manager for $7 a month. The subscription will also include a few more features such as "VPN at home." AT&T's provided VPN protection is a network-based security measure. This ensures that, regardless of the device in your home, it will have VPN protection while connected to the internet. The service will connect your devices using a "secure network encryption."

Threats are constantly on people's minds while surfing the internet. AT&T has provided a way to observe how your network and devices are being protected through "Threat Activity." Another new feature the company has brought in is "ID Monitoring." This service takes in your email addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of sensitive data and conducts searches about them across the dark web. The purpose is to alert you of any "ID leaks" so you may take proper action.

With these new ActiveArmor security measures, AT&T has brought in "Advanced Content Controls." This page will be for parents who are looking to protect their children while they're on the internet. The controls they've implemented are aimed at allowing parents to fine-tune what content their child will see by blocking it or allowing it to come through on their device.

AT&T has done some research about customers to better understand them and to drive home the reasoning behind the new advanced security features. Per their data, "70% of people feel knowledgeable about cybersecurity." The company has also found that "42% of respondents also admit to using the same password across multiple logins." There are constantly scammers looking to steal your information with 48% of their consumers saying they've, "received phishing emails."

AT&T's new advanced security features for fiber internet customers are aimed at giving them the tools to protect themselves while enjoying the internet. It could become one of the best internet security software if AT&T continues its dedication to cybersecurity.

The infographic below shows AT&T's data on consumer cybersecurity knowledge and threats.

AT&T Cybersecurity Infographic

(Image credit: AT&T)
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