AC Podcast 599: Are Samsung still haunted by the Galaxy Note 7?

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 emanating from a ghost
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central / Adobe Stock)

On this week's episode of the Android Central Podcast, Shruti Shekar, Nick Sutrich, Andrew Myrick, and Namerah Saud Fatmi discuss Google TV adding hundreds of free channels, whether Google Photos is the best image editor, YouTube Music's quirks, Samsung's issues with fast charging, review the Amazfit GTR Mini, and more!



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Jeramy Johnson

Jeramy was the Editor-in-Chief of Android Central. He is proud to help *Keep Austin Weird* and loves hiking in the hill country of central Texas with a breakfast taco in each hand.

  • mustang7757
    Im good with Samsung 25w or 45w charging it's fast enough and good balance not cause battery degrading in short time , the 15w wireless charging is decent but use that if don't need a quick top off . When u have a battery beast like the s23u fastest charging on market not needed when can get 2 Day battery in my opinion.
  • michaelkpate
    Here's an idea; Do a comparison of the Canva Android App vs. the Adobe Express Android App. And for a bonus, add in Microsoft Designer (only available on the web for now).

    They all do photo editing like background removal. And have some smart eraser capabilities as well.
  • me just saying
    It is a companys worse nightmare. I think all companies are spooked by what can happen to their battery operated products.