Phil talks tablets, Nook Color hackery, on Denver's KWGN-TV

Our very own Phil Nickinson has been quite a busy man, pumping out news, heading down to CTIA to bring us all the coverage, talking tablets with our sister sites, and now hitting TV. As we all know, the Nook Color is a pretty amazing little e-reader turned tablet, and a local TV station out of Denver took to making it a known fact.

“They want to see what people can do with their products. They don't mind a little bit of hackery,” Phil said

Phil is joined by Tim Stevens of Engadget to talk about the Nook Color, and how it is the most affordable Android tablet on the market currently. Check out the video after the break, and hit up our Nook Color forums for all the instructions. [KWGN]

Jared DiPane
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