Pebble Steel, Arctic White Pebble coming to Best Buy on June 15

The Pebble Steel smartwatch is coming to a Best Buy near you. Starting June 15, Pebble's premium smartwatch will be available at the big box retailer for $229, in both the brushed steel and matte black varieties. The watch will come with a leather strap. The price for the Pebble Steel on Pebble's website{.nofollow} remains at $249.

Best Buy will also be adding a new color to it's original Pebble lineup. The Arctic White version of the Pebble will soon be available for $149, having originally been a retail exclusive at Target. Best Buy was the first physical retailer to start selling Pebble smartwatches almost a year ago.

Will you be picking up a Pebble Steel or Arctic White Pebble from Best Buy? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Pebble{.nofollow}

Joseph Keller
  • totally content with my kickstarter pebble :)
  • I hope prices get adjusted when the Android Wear watches start coming out.
  • I'm waiting for the Moto 360. Posted via Android Central App
  • Same here. +1
  • Me too Posted via Android Central App
  • Me three Posted via my sixth Sense HTC M8
  • The Pebble's days are numbered. Posted via Android Central App
  • Even if true they succeed heavily as a kickstater and one of the first to make a great functioning smart watch with limited R&D resource. They to me set a pretty good tone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wrong - the Pebble can support iOS, Android, Windows 8, and BlackBerry 10. Secondly - Samsung leads in smartwatch marketshare and their smartwatches only support Samsung smartphones. If Pebble continues to innovate - they can still be a major player.
  • How many units has Samsung sold?? Not shipped. But physically sold. I've never seen anyone with a Gear. But have seen multiple people with a Pebble. Months ago I remember reading something about a high return rate of the Gear to Best Buy stores. Something around 30%. Pebble is still King of the Smartwatches to me. Until the Moto 360 comes out. Posted via Android Central App
  • Never saw a pebble, saw maybe one or two Gear. By most accounts, the final score last year was 800K for Samsung, 400K for Sony and 300K for pebble. Yeah the high return rate is because of the dumb promotion that they had, but you asked about sales. If you want to quantify it one way, you have to go the other as well (returns do not count, especially since you may find a higher return rate on the pebble due to the lower sales figures). That 30% rumor is exaggerated IMHO and all the tech blogs are citing one source. I have yet to see it referenced from any other source. Even if you want to peg it at 30% for Samsung, and 0% for Pebble (which is impossible) Samsung is still the sales leader... All that being said, I am no fan of the Gear watches, or any other at this point so I have no horse in this race. Pebble put a nice little kickstarter together, did a good job to this point, but are dead in a week or so. The bigger names, with the bigger budgets and the bigger marketing are going to run them over like a 2 year old at a steamroller convention.
  • 800k for Samsung seems high
    Especially since I remember in other countries they were giving them away when you bought a Note 3. Maybe the price was tied into their contact? I don't know. But I'm talking about actual out of pocket cash for the device. I'm more of a Pebble fan. I'd rather have battery life over a touch screen anyday. Posted via Android Central App
  • Waiting for my Toq to arrive and holding out to see what blossoms with HTC. This pebble actually is not a bad option for the business attire. I like it. Just not the display. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm waiting for the Moto360 and the Gwatch before I pull the trigger. I am not entirely sold on the need for more than a notification device like the Pebble, but I don't need one so bad that it isn't worth my time to wait to pull the trigger on a $250 device to see what the next-gen competition is.
  • Will not be getting any kind of Pebble. Waiting for the Moto360.
  • Wow there are going to be a ton of pissed of people if the 360 doesnt live up to half the hype. Oh who are we kidding, it is getting to the point that it cannot live up to people are going to be pissed.
  • Too true
  • For me (owning the Pebble and being totally satisfied with it), the huge difference will be Google Wear and Voice search/control. Being able to make Google searches via the watch (and now the Google Search on the phone) will blow people's mind - if the watch replies by voice (again, like Google Now Search, and I cannot see why not). This will instantly make anything non-Google-Wear look completely obsolete. Apple can integrate pulse, blood pressure and Siri - it will still only be able to do a fraction of Google Wear, because of the absurdly huge data that Google has at it's disposal. I cannot wait - Hell, I might buy both the 360 and Gwatch, lol
  • I am completely content with my Pebble at the moment, but I do plan on picking up one of the Wear watches. Which one I use more will depend on if Wear will be able to control third party apps like Pebble can (for example, the Music Boss app on the Pebble can control almost all of your phones media applications). That's not to say that Wear will be bad if it doesn't... That's just my particular use case. Posted via Android Central App
  • The $249 Steel on Pebble's site comes with two straps...a matching stainless steel band as well as a leather band. The Best Buy Steel will be sold with only a leather strap. Stainless steel bands will be available later. This has confused me as I research this watch. The Steel is sold with two bands as well as one...the one being the leather band. Make sure you're getting what you expect.
  • Not relevant. The Moto360 and LG will kill sales for this watch. Ian B
  • I love the looks of the pebble steel. If I didn't already have a KS pebble, and if android wear wasn't on it's way.. I would definitely pick one up. I'd love an android wear device with that level of looks. The Moto360 comes close, but prefer the squared look.