Panasonic Android Auto Main Display

A quick look at what Android Auto will look like on Panasonic's system

Panasonic, a member of the Open Automotive Alliance, brought their incoming Android Auto powered head unit with them to CES 2015. This head unit is not a unit that consumers can buy and install themselves in their personal vehicles but it is one that will be coming soon to several different car OEMs.

We don't know much about the device in terms of specs, but we do know that it will be running Panasonic's custom software to handle all of the general car functions with support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for everything else. From the quick minute we had to play with this Android Auto implementation I can say that it was very clean, simple, and easy to use. There are a variety of media applications on the system but we only got to play with Google Play Music.

Not much has changed since we first saw the platform running on cars at Google I/O 2014, and right now that's okay — we just want to start seeing these in cars you can actually buy.