Over 1 million gamers play Rec Room in VR every month

Rec Room
Rec Room (Image credit: Rec Room)

What you need to know

  • Rec Room now boasts over 1 million active VR gamers per month, making it one of the biggest free-to-play VR game on the market.
  • Additionally, the title is on several non-VR platforms and ranks among the top free-to-play titles there.
  • Around half of Rec Room VR gamers are using an Oculus Quest 2, giving us a look at how quickly the Quest 2 has been adopted.

Rec Room started from very humble roots. As a VR-only free-to-play title, it was sort of an experiment in virtual reality. It's a unique blend of social meeting space and built-in recreational games that has always made our list of best VR games, no matter the platform. The fact that it has been totally free all these years made it easy to not just jump in and have fun but to do so with friends and family. Years later, Rec Room now boasts over 1 million active VR users, and the company tells Road to VR that the Oculus Quest 2 makes up half the VR population.

The developers of Rec Room just finished porting over the popular Rec Royale mode to the Oculus Quest 2 last month; something that wasn't possible on the first Oculus Quest due to hardware limitations. That figure not only shows how well Rec Room is doing for itself but also how quickly the Quest 2 has been adopted. Impressively enough, that 1 million active VR users are said to be just a small percentage of the overall population of Rec Room. The game currently sits at number one on the Xbox Store, which ranks it above games like Rocket League, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Over the years, Rec Room has evolved into a creative platform that gamers can use to create — or recreate — just about anything their heart desires. From recreating popular games in VR like Among Us and Fall Guys, to maps starring your favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and more, the tools inside Rec Room have enabled the game's community members to grow the game beyond its initial borders.

Recently, Rec Room began allowing creators to sell their in-game items for currency. That decision will likely spur on a new wave of creativity thanks to the fact that creators might soon be able to make an actual income for creating in-game items and worlds. Head to the official Rec Room site to for links to download it for your favorite platform.

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