Ouya and Pebble offer special Reading Rainbow Kickstarter rewards

Ouya and Pebble are helping to fund the current Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign by offering limited edition versions of their hardware products as rewards for backers.

People can pledge $250 to get the special version of the Ouya, which will have a "sky blue" color for the game console and the controller. Only 500 of the limited edition consoles will be offered as part of the Reading Rainbow campaign and all will be hand signed by Reading Rainbow's long time host LeVar Burton.

peggle reading rainbow

For $140, backers can get one of 500 limited edition Pebble smartwatches in a jet black color, with Burton's laser etched signature. Peggle adds:

Team Pebble is also designing a special READING RAINBOW WATCHFACE featuring our 8-BIT LEVAR, which will be available first to our backers before being available to all Pebble owners in their appstore.

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign, which was set up to help bring the popular children's reading program to as many schools as possible for free, has raised over $4 million so far, blowing away its initial $1 million goal. With four days to go before the campaign ends, it is now hoping to reach its $5 million stretch goal. If it manages that feat, the team says it will bring Reading Rainbow to Android devices, along with game consoles and set-top TV boxes.

What do you think of this final fund raising effort by Reading Rainbow and are these special limited edition versions of the Ouya and Pebble devices enough for you to jump in and help this effort?

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John Callaham
  • Peggle... Pebble... Both are fun.
  • It's like getting pegged but plural. Posted via Android Central App
  • Was gonna jump on the Pebble, but noticed that it doesn't ship until December. I doubt I'll want a Pebble by then...
  • This is the first kickstarter I've ever backed. If there was ever a time for literacy in this world with kids growing up on Facebook grammar/shorthand, it's now. It's great that they've been adding new and exciting rewards, too. A great run for them and I'm looking forward seeing it on Android. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • On a side note, Ouya needs to release an updated revision, Tegra 3 and 1GB RAM are super outdated now. But, that thing is beautiful with those colors.
  • Ouya games are garbage.. Waste of money Posted via Android Central App
  • Heyy can anyone plz help me. I dropped my s5 in the pool and the back covee was slightly open . It went 5 cm down in water before I removed it. It was turned off . I didn't try to turn it back on . I just removed all the parts and placed it in the sun to dry. Can it be fixed or im screwed? ??
  • Rinse everything with lots of distilled water (to get the chlorine and other junk in pool water completely off all the circuitry), then put it in rice to dry everything. Though, the fact that you let it dry in the sun, may have killed chances of saving it because that baked all that junk onto the boards.
  • Hi Posted via Android Central App