Xbox One game streaming app OneCast enters beta for Android

What you need to know

  • OneCast is an app that streams your Xbox games to supported devices.
  • OneCast is undergoing beta for Android devices.
  • The release date of the full Android version is unknown.

If you have an Android device, you can now test out the game streaming app OneCast in beta ahead of its full public release. The announcement says that the beta version will be free for its duration, however "the final Android version of OneCast will be available as a free download with 14 day trial period, after which point the full app may be unlocked via a one-off in-app purchase."

OneCast supports 1080p streaming, low lag, and can be used with an Xbox One controller via Bluetooth. It also boasts multiple profile support so that you can stream from a number of different Xbox One consoles or gamertags.

You can download the beta as an APK file. You'll need to configure your device to allow downloads from "unknown sources" in order to do so. If you are still having problems installing, you may also need to disable "play protect."

It is unknown when the full version is expected for Android.

Jennifer Locke
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  • From what I can see there isn't a way to stream while not on the same network.
  • Why would I want to stream from an Xbox to an Android device? Seems like another solution searching for a problem.
  • What if you have a wifi signal that blankets the neighborhood and boss patio setup in the backyard? It'll allow you to leave that dark basement. What could be wrong with playing your favorite game from a hammock with a cooler of cold ones next to you? I am certain they will add out of wifi support in the future, SteamLink did not have out of network streaming at first, now it works with any data wifi or cell, long as it has a good signal. It isn't a solution searching for a problem, it is a bridge to a better gaming future.
  • It's cool but Xbox is better then ps4 it makes cool games but Xbox is better