One UI 4 (Android 12) brings eSIM support to US Galaxy S21 devices

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs S21 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs S21 Plus (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • eSIM functionality has been enabled for Galaxy S21 owners in the US.
  • The feature was limited to global versions of the device up until this point.
  • Users can access the eSIM on their devices after updating to One UI 4 based on Android 12.

Earlier this week, Samsung began rolling out the stable version of One UI 4 based on Android 12 to owners of the Galaxy S21 series. This is one of the most significant updates to Android that we've seen in years, as the One UI 4 update brings Samsung's take on Material You theming with dynamic colors and a new color palette to customize how your device looks and feels. But the update also brings a long-awaited feature for owners of the Galaxy S21 here in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Esim One Ui 4 Reddit

Source: u/i_love_the_usa1776 / Reddit (Image credit: Source: u/i_love_the_usa1776 / Reddit)

According to a post by u/i_love_the_usa1776 on Reddit, the update to One UI 4 also adds eSIM compatibility. This feature has been available for some time on global versions of the Galaxy S21 series, but until now, it was not available if you live in the States.

As noted by XDA, the feature seems first to be rolling out to those who are using the Galaxy S21 on either Verizon or T-Mobile. It appears as though eSIM functionality has yet to be enabled on unlocked variants of the device, but we won't be surprised if it's just a matter of time before the switch is flipped for those devices.

Using an eSIM means you no longer have to worry about using a second physical SIM card for those who take advantage of dual SIM functionality. This opens the door for more flexibility when activating devices on secondary carriers.

And with the inclusion of both a physical SIM card tray and eSIM, you can now use your Galaxy S21 with up to two of the best wireless carriers on the same device. Gone are the days where you need to SIM swap just to access a different network (such as a work SIM). Instead, you'll now be able to have two different phone numbers attached to the same device.

It's not entirely surprising to see it present on the stable One UI 4 rollout, as eSIM support was also spotted in the beta as well.

The One UI 4 update is already rolling out to owners of all three Galaxy S21 devices, so it's only a matter of time before it arrives on your devices. And with T-Mobile and Verizon already jumping on board, the carriers are trying to get this massive update out to as many users as possible, as quickly as possible.

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