This one post nails the popularity of Pokémon Go

You can't go anywhere right now without running into Pokémon Go. Or running into someone playing Pokémon Go.

Simple fact is there are a ridiculous number of people playing this game right now. And that means there's an even more ridiculous number of folks reading about it. So we're writing about it. A lot.

I started a thread in our Pokémon Go forums to warn folks that, yes, there's going to be a deluge, and that we're not forgetting about everything that's not Pokémon. And there's been some great discussion in there. But member danhund nailed it in his response.

This is more than a game. It is an event.I've spent the past four days with my kids hiking through parks and strolling downtown (without pulling teeth to get them to go along). Seeing 30-40 other people (teens, young adults, parents, etc.) doing the same things almost everywhere we go. Not sitting on the couch, or at a bar, or wherever. But outside, walking around, hanging out, talking, laughing, meeting strangers. All being polite, respectful, having a good time.It won't last forever. But it sure is fun to be out there and be a part of it right now.

He's right. It won't last forever. At least not at this level. It simply can't. But it is a hell of a lot of fun — my eldest daughter is getting into it, too. It is getting more folks out in ways they might not have been before.

We might as well try to enjoy it. And be sure to swing by our Pokémon Go forums.

Phil Nickinson