One million photos now shared between Android and iOS devices thanks to FotoSwipe; video sharing coming soon

Following the recent announcement of FotoSwipe here on AndroidCentral, the developers behind the Android/iOS cross-platform photo sharing service followed up with us today to say THANK YOU. A small tribe of our forum community members were actively involved in beta testing the app — we love to see developers active in our forums — so we were happy to write up the official release of the app.

FotoSwipe let us know that in the short time since it was released, these efforts have helped them pass the milestone of one million photos being shared. There are now over 175,000 users (about a 50/50 split between iOS and Android) using FotoSwipe in 175 countries and the user base is growing fast. Since the initial release, the developers have been quick to listen to user feedback and have already released an update to FotoSwipe. The basic swipe gesture has been greatly improved, and the UI has been revamped as well. With a 4.3-star rating on Google Play and over 3,600 reviews, FotoSwipe is off to a solid start. More features are on the roadmap as well, including faster sharing speeds when on Wifi to Wifi connections and support to share videos by swiping.

How Fotoswipe Works

In case you missed the announcement post, here's a recap of FotoSwipe. It's a free and incredibly easy to use app that allows you to share photos between Android and iOS devices. True to its name, Fotoswipe lets you share photos by swiping your finger from one device to the other (both devices must have FotoSwipe installed). Simply open the app on both devices, tap and hold a photo, swipe to the device you'd like to send the photo to... and you're done. Fotoswipe does not require users to register and you don't need to be on Wi-Fi.

FotoSwipe isn't limited to sharing between just two devices either. Perfect example: Let's say you're at a holiday party (with some friends and some strangers) and you take a group photo. Everybody has their Android phone or iPhone with them and would like a copy of that photo. With FotoSwipe installed on each device, you simply would bring the phones near each other with FotoSwipe open, and the person who snapped the photo would then swipe it over onto each phone in rapid succession - no need to exchange email and sent contact info, no need for NFC, no worrying about whether or not your bluetooth is on or off. Watch the video above to see it in action.

FotoSwipe is free to download, works cross platform, across any network, and no sign-up or registration is required. Get in in Google Play right here.

James Falconer