Vudu arrives on the Oculus Quest 2 so you can check out 'Free Guy'

Oculus Quest Vudu Store
Oculus Quest Vudu Store (Image credit: Fandango)

What you need to know

  • The Vudu streaming service is launching available on Oculus VR headsets.
  • Oculus owners can rent or buy more than 200,000 titles, including "Free Guy," which makes its debut on Vudu.
  • The Vudu app can be downloaded now on Oculus Quest 1 or 2 headsets.

Oculus Quest 2 owners now have another way to get in on their favorite movies and shows, thanks to the launch of the Vudu on-demand streaming app on Oculus VR.

Walmart previously owned Vudu, but in 2020 the service was bought by Fandango, which merged it with its own on-demand offering. This gave Vudu access to more than 200,000 movies and shows to rent or buy and plenty of free content. The latest Ryan Reynolds film "Free Guy" is among the latest movies to debut on the service, which users can rent for just $5.99.

Other offerings include "F9: The Fast Saga," "The Adams Family 2," "The Jungle Cruise," and more, bringing content not found on streaming services. Or users can go 3D with titles like "Jurassic World," "Venom," "Guardians of the Galaxy," or "Ready Player One" if you want to get real meta about it.

As noted by The Verge, this is the first time Vudu has been offered on a VR platform, joining some of the best media apps for the Oculus Quest 2 like YouTube and Netflix.

"We're excited that Vudu will now serve as the official movie and TV store on Oculus," says Fandango chief commercial officer Kevin Shepela in a statement.

Fandango's mission is to usher fans to the most moving entertainment experiences and we're certainly able to deliver that promise with the new Vudu app on Oculus.We're thrilled to be working with Oculus to help transport fans to new worlds in the most immersive formats available.

Oculus Quest 1 and 2 owners can download Vudu now on their headsets.

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