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Oakter brings home automation to India

Home automation hasn't taken off in India quite the same way it has in Western countries, but a local startup called Oakter is about to change that. The Noida-based startup has developed a smart home kit that lets you control your appliances — air conditioners, geysers, or coffee makers — through your phone.

The smart home kit consists of a hub, which connects to your local Wi-Fi network, and Smart Plugs (called Leaves), which are available in 6Amp, 16Amp, and 25Amp variations. There's a Smart Thermostat as well, which has a temperature and humidity sensor, and a Touch Leaf that lets you control connected devices wirelessly.

To get started, all you need to do is attach a Leaf into your regular wall socket, and plug in your appliances. You can set up and configure Oakter over your local network via the companion app (opens in new tab). Once the initial setup is finished, you have the ability to set schedules for individual Leaves, allowing you to automatically switch your appliances on or off at a set time. Given that most parts of the country still witness sporadic electricity cuts, the scheduling feature is useful. Along with setting schedules, the app lets you view the activity log for each Leaf.

Oakter home automation

All Leaves also come with an auto-cutoff feature, another addition aimed at ensuring that your appliances don't get damaged in the event of power failure. I've been using Oakter for three weeks now, and I love the fact that I can schedule lights to turn on automatically and switch off the air conditioner with my phone.

Oakter home automation

Yes, Oakter's smart home kit is a novelty, but there's something inherently cool about controlling your appliances with your phone. If you've been looking for a home automation product designed for the Indian market, Oakter's your best bet right now.

Oakter smart home

The price? Oakter's basic home kit includes the hub and two Leaves (6Amp and 16Amp), and is available for ₹4,750. The smart home kit comes with a hub, a 6Amp Leaf, a 16Amp Leaf, a Smart Thermostat, and a Touch Leaf, all for ₹10,000. You can pick up the kit from Amazon India (opens in new tab), or head to Oakter's website to get your hands on its home automation products. You can also customize your kit by ordering directly from Oakter. The company is looking to make its products available offline at brick-and-mortar retailers shortly.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda

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  • I am using this from 15 day .. me and my parents very happy.. i installed it to run water pump in the morning for half an hour and 15 min in the evening.Now there is not required to remember for ON OFF manually.. its completely automatically...