O2 UK to launch LTE network on August 29

Following in the footsteps of EE which already has LTE available in the U.K., carrier O2 has announced that it will launch its higher speed network as well at the end of August. O2 says that the network will go live on August 29th in London, Leeds and Bradford with a total of 10 cities going live with the network by year's end.

That still puts O2 in a tough position, as EE already operates its network in some 95 markets. Additionally, O2 hasn't given detailed information about the monthly prices or data allowances on LTE plans aside from a quoted "basic" 4G tariff of £26 per month. It's clear that O2 has a long ways to go before it will be drawing anyone to its LTE network.

Source: BBC

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  • Any competition is good competition. Once 3 release their LTE network there will be some LTE price drops.
  • I wonder how long it will take the virtual networks hanging off the back of O2 to get LTE as well? Come on GiffGaff! Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly what I was wondering...
  • OK so if EE cheapest plan is £30 with 500MB of date (or is it 1GB?) with o2 you can surely divide the amount of munutes/txt/data by 2 and multiply price by 1.5. Never again to choose o2. I had too many issues with those morons in the past
  • According to another article prices start at £26 a month. I bet for almost no data (this is the company that thinks 250MB is so good they headline it in TV adverts) These companies paid so much for LTE they'll avoid selling at sane prices as long as possible. Only Three have said they won't charge a premium for it... And no idea when they're rolling out. Posted via Android Central App
  • 3 are not releasing LTE, they will be doing 3G+ which the other networks already run Posted via Android Central App
  • Three already has HSPA+; I'm using it right now. They ARE rolling out LTE at some point, and said they won't raise their prices because of it. So I'm looking forward to unlimited 4G for 12.90 GBP a month, fingers crossed (I'd need a new phone though. Stupid Nexus 4)
  • I've also seen/heard that, they are running what they call 3.9G and when they add the extra .1 there will be no cost for their customers. Could really shake things up when it happens. Posted via Android Central App
  • I live 200 yards from an O2 mast and I still can't 3G at or around my home area. Currently with Giffgaff but seriously considering Orange/T-Mobile. As for 4G, I wouldn't mind a little 3G to start with.
  • Isn't a new contract or renewal needed to get LTE though? No thanks
  • I have just got my upgrade of the galaxy s4. Does this mean I will have to wait or change my contract to use this new network? Posted via Android Central App