The all-new NVIDIA Shield TV remoteSource: Phil Nickinson / Cordcutters

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA unveiled the new remote design as part of Shield TV refresh in 2019.
  • Features triangular design with motion-sensing back light, a remappable button, and built-in relocator function.
  • It is now available for individual purchase direct from NVIDIA for $30.

You can now buy the new NVIDIA Shield TV remote for $30, available direct from NVIDIA.

When NVIDIA decided to refresh the Shield TV line up late last year, the new remote was easily one of our favorite new features. The fresh triangular design makes it way more comfortable to hold and the inclusion of remote basics such as a power and media control buttons — all which come to life with backlighting as soon as you pick it up — was a marked upgrade over older Shield remote's minimalist (to a fault) design.

NVIDIA also included a user-programmable button that can be customized to perform a long list of handy functions. Other useful features include a remote locator function (that required setup through the Shield TV app) and an IR blaster that allows the remote to control your TV as well.

The remote connects to the Shield via Bluetooth and should work just fine with the older 2015 and 2017 Shield TV models. For anyone holding off on upgrading to the new Shield TV, you can now at least upgrade to the new remote and improve your Shield TV experience with the convenience of backlit buttons and programmable controls.

Worthwhile upgrade

Shield TV Remote (2019

NVIDIA Shield TV remote

A perfect upgrade for older Shield TVs.

The new Shield TV remote is a significant upgrade over the older style. It's easier to use and harder to lose with built-in IR for controlling your TV and a programmable button.

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