NVIDIA introduces AndroidWorks, wants to help everyone build great games for all Android devices

With more than 4000 unique Android devices out there development can be difficult at times, but NVIDIA is looking to make game creation a bit easier with their newest developer tools. AndroidWorks is the latest release from the company, which builds on top of their existing GameWorks tools. NVIDIA wants to make things easier for all developers, and they believe their new tools can do just that.

GameWorks helps developers bring their visions to life with support, samples, libraries, tools and access to more than 200 engineers focused on the cutting edge of games and graphics development.With AndroidWorks, the best native Android application development tools are available to all Android developers across a range of devices.

These new tools are for all Android devices, not just those that are powered by Tegra chips. AndroidWorks reduces the complexity of existing tools down to just a single click, and it even integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio through Nsight Tegra Visual Studio edition, letting developers work with in their favorite environments. With the recent release of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, it is great to see NVIDIA release new tools to help developers make great content for the device.

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Source: NVIDIA

Jared DiPane
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