Following Nest's UK launch early last month, the Google-owned connected home company is partnering with nPower to bring smarter heating to the British energy supplier's customers. Nest is available through nPower's Intelligent Fix April 2017 price plan for £99 including installation, which it says is a saving of £179. (Nest's UK retail price is £179, but this doesn't include installation.)

Energy prices are then fixed until 30 April 2017 under the tariff, which is available to dual fuel customers paying by direct debit.

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nPower isn't the first energy provider to show an interest in connected thermostats — the "Hive," created by British Gas, launched in the UK market while Nest was still limited to the U.S. market, though that device sells for a pricier £199.

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Source: nPower; via: CNET