Nova Launcher 7 Beta finally arrives on Google Play with major overhaul

Nova Launcher Lloyd Theme
Nova Launcher Lloyd Theme (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • After seven months of beta testing through Discord, Nova 7 is rolling out to beta testers in Google Play.
  • Nova Launcher 7 is a complete rewrite of the launcher's code and features.
  • To try the beta, you need to join the Discord channel to provide feedback, then opt-in through Google Play.

Nova Launcher has been one of the best Android launchers since the days when Google Play was still called Android Market, but it hasn't retained its king of the mountain status by resting on its laurels. While competitors like Action Launcher and Smart Launcher 5 has released major overhauls in recent years Nova has been biding its time, waiting for the right moment to tear it all down and rewrite the launcher with a new codebase and improved features.

That moment arrived at the beginning of the year as Nova Launcher announced that it was writing and testing Nova Launcher 7, a top-to-bottom overhaul of Nova Launcher with a host of new features. That beta began as a public beta run outside of Google Play in the Nova Launcher Beta Discord community.

Seven months later, we can finally kiss the manual updates goodbye and test Nova 7 straight through Google Play. Last night's changelog for 7.0.39 BETA announced that it would be the first Play Store Beta for Nova 7. Now, you'll still need to join the Nova Launcher Discord in order to provide feedback or report bugs, but instead of having to manually install the updates, you can instead join and install the beta through the Nova Launcher listing in the Google Play Store — or by clicking "Join Beta" on the Beta Test sign-up page (opens in new tab).

I've been playing with Nova 7 off and on these last few months, and I'm happy to see it shaping up and getting closer and closer to a stable release. If you're a Nova Launcher fan, go play with the new version and give your feedback now, so the TeslaCoil team can make it as perfect as possible for the public at large.

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  • I've been using Nova 7 since they started testing it several months ago and it is in tip top shape now so I'm glad to see that they are pushing it to the play store. I've been manually installing the updates from discord. Should be ready for mainstream (non-beta) soon I would think
  • I've been using the beta 7 version for a while now and really like it. They took out one feature that I liked but may not be important to the masses. I use the list view in the app drawer and it is sorted alphabetically. It used to have the letter of each corresponding section (A, B, C, etc.) Which made it easy to nowhere to stop scrolling when I'm flying through the list. They took those letters of each section away and I'm really missing it.
  • I've been using this since a long time before it was available on the play store, Nova has always been one of the, if not the most stable launcher in Android history to my knowledge, with plenty of customization options to boot, all wrapped up in a simple user interface that's quick and responsive.
  • V7 isn't showing in the store.
    I'm in the Beta program (have been for years) and I am a member of the Discord. Anybody else have any luck finding it in the Play Store?
  • The update finally hit me today... It'll hit you soon if it hasn't already... Rolling out in stages apparently