Nova Launcher 5.1 adds some awesome features to an already-great launcher

Nova Launcher is a super popular launcher that lets you tweak and theme your phone to your exact specifications, with cool swipe features, animations, and custom icons and wallpapers. The latest version 5.1 has been in beta testing since late March but is finally ready for prime time. One of the big new features to check out is Dynamic Badges which give you little badge notifications right on your home screen icons.

You can check out all the details on the new version and download the .APK from the Google+ announcement post, or go straight to Google Play (opens in new tab) and download or update to the latest version there.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been tweaked for the new release, including fixes for Samsung's latest flagship:

  • Dynamic Badges — Image badges from notification content
  • Respect system level themes on Samsung and Huawei devices
  • Minor fixes for Samsung Galaxy S8

Have you checked out the new Nova Launcher features? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  • Been using the beta for a while, I users on the stable will love the badges if their into that type of thing.
  • Been using Prime for a little more than a week now. Unfortunately this update won't benefit me since I don't use badges, or Samsung :-) but there are a few features I'd like to see in a future release... 1.) Gesture's to open a specific folder
    2.) App folder needs to be able to scroll just a page at a time with swipe. (if it's there, I just can't find it)
  • Yes, it's there, it used to be the default.
  • But only when scrolling horizontally, correct? I'd like to see the vertical scrolling have the same ability.
  • Dang, I wish that I had my Honor 8 to try this out. It seems like it would be nice to play.
  • I use Nova launcher , but never the badges. Does the badge functionality use more battery and/or keep the phone awake on Nougat?
  • Not to my knowledge
  • I wonder if Nova will ever be able to integrate keyboard shortcuts like the BlackBerry Launcher.
  • Badges been available for awhile with an add-on
  • Not the dynamic badges
  • Samsung theme support? THANK THE LORD!
  • EhhhhhXcceLLeNT
  • Anyone else getting super annoying ads by on this page, replacing the whole page? Damn, Android Central, stop that!
  • This has been great on beta.
  • Anyone elses keep refreshing?
  • Does the addition of dynamic badges make TeslaUnread irrelevant? If it does, I'll update Nova Launcher and uninstall TeslaUnread. Love Nova Launcher for making my Note 4 with MM work so much better.
  • Respect system level themes on Samsung and Huawei devices Does this mean it won't crash my P9 now? Since EMUI 5/Nougat I had to stop using Nova due to crashes