Notifications get a makeover in Jelly Bean

Notifications are just one of the areas of the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean UI that are getting a makeover. Buttons for callback are included now within the notification drawer when a missed call shows up. Pretty neat. 

That's only the beginning though. Notifications are now expandable. Essentially, it's like putting widgets into the notification bar. They auto expand and collapse, and there is a lot of emphasis on functionality outside of the related applications. Google+ notifications can show up the pictures within the notification tray itself, for example. 

Another example showed up the Pulse news app notifications. Currently we just get a boring old message telling us there are new stories. In Jelly Bean, it's pretty much as though the application itself is sat in the notification bar. Slick. Notifications just got a whole lot more interesting. 

Richard Devine
  • Love how they are already talking about jelly bean when no where near half their devices have ICS aggravating..something needs to happen to pull all these devices closer together! this is where Apple makes Google their B&%#*. If you. buy into android you will be forgotten about in less than a month...
  • Kinda like how only the iPhone 4S and iPad3 get the newest iOS? Fragmentation is already happening in Cupertino, the Apple diehards just won't admit to it.
  • Actually the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and the iPad 2 and 3rd get get iOS 6. You're thinking of the Turn by Turn directions only coming to the 4S and 3rd gen iPad.
  • Don't forget Siri! But yeah, it's not as pronounced as it's being made out to be, but it's also not entirely non-existant. It's just that Apple's slower release cycle makes these issues less relevant.
  • Yeah they all get the update but only a few watered down features are included. If your an isheep and want the new shit you gotta buy the new shit. At least when android does release updates they're fully baked!
  • +1 this can't be stated enough. Apple fragmentation is just as bad as Android if not worse, because at least with Android when you get an update you're getting the real deal.
  • No, Apple does it much better. At least the old devices get an update with the name of the new OS, but old android devices can't get any update (outside XDA).
  • If you can do any better on updating hundreds of different devices then by all means go for it. If Google made only one device then they would be able to do the same as Apple. Go get an iPhone if you are so concerned.
  • If Microsoft can do it with desktop computers, why can't google do it with smartphones?
  • Wait...the world is laughing while reading this. Half the business world still runs on Windows XP. No joke...XP!!!!! Remember when they released that 10 years ago...moron
  • I work in IT. The reason most of them use XP is because they are too cheap to get new computers, or have software/hardware that the VENDOR does not update for Windows 7. Nothing to do with Microsoft.
  • This nothing stop you to update and when you look on Linux on PC same ting that powers Android, support of many devices is not a problem, and CM proves that even more. Main problem is manufactures which want to make the phone there invidual moifying the system, to make it worse they not let you easily replace system with something else like on PC, Carriers makes things even more worse that try to make phones of other manufactures to there inviduals making there version of android on manufacture version of android. But real core of problem is fact that smartphones born in very marketised times where comporations like closed systems where PC slowly developed in open way allowing users to value that and force manufactures to keep open to not lose customers to level that even Apple letting you install different system on Mac.
  • What a Fail of a comment. Get a Nexus. . . nuff said.
  • You forget that android has to run across a multitude of devices all with different hardware limitations. They have to make android work best for the hardware of that specific device, enabling people who dont wanna spend $400 on a phone, to get an android experience.
    The people who want jellybean are gonna be the hardcore gadget geeks who dont care about paying for a top spec phone.
    Apple has to make sure their software runs on one type of phone with pretty much the same hardware (give or take processor speed) and even now we are starting to see they cant even deliver on that one device (ie certain map features exempt from the iphone 4 that is only a year old). Apple def isnt making google their B*%&$. From the improvements seen in this point update Google is making apple their bitch, just on notifications alone.
  • Complaining about the Android OS you have on your phone is like a Scion owner complaining that his car isn't as nice as his neighbors Lexus. Even though they're made by the same parent company, doesn't mean they get the same services or upgrades. If you want the latest OS, get the latest Galaxy phone. Other than that, bitch to the carriers and handset makers. Until buyers start voting with their pockets, nothing will change.
  • So you want Google to stop or slow down to let everyone catch up? Fat chance! They don't even sell is free- This is a genius way to make everyone salivate for the next Android device. If they did it the iOS way, everyone would have to have the same device. No thanks.
  • MATT, I concur. I am still waiting for the "In less than a month" update to ICS for my RAZR MAXX that I was promised like 7 months back. This is ridiculous.
  • If you buy a Google phone, you won't see the fragmentation you're talking about. If you buy a knockoff Google phone, you can't be guaranteed to be up to date. At least with Android you have the option to buy a non Google phone. With Apple, you don't have that choice.
  • Google needs to have manufacturers create skin overlays, like launchers, rather than these os level imbeded tweaks. That would make upgrades much quicker.
  • THIS. 1000% THIS.
  • YES!
  • Amen! I've long felt that manufacturers should all be required to ship phones with stock Android and make their skins available in Google Play if customers want them. There's no reason the Nexus phones should be the ONLY way we can get untainted Android, especially since they aren't available on all carriers.
  • ics is one year old. Its not Google's fault that oems can't pull there head out of there arse. Android=hundrads of varients with freesom ro tweak the code Apple= two varients with a lock down.  
  • Back on topic here, Jelly Bean looks fantastic so far. LOVE this idea to brighten up the notification bar.
  • Same here. Seems like yesterday I was amazed that CM added the ability to swipe away notifications. Having the ability to switch songs from the music player on the notification bar already is awesome.
  • Swipe away notifacations is ics feature
  • and before that, it was a CM feature
  • ...and before that, WebOS
  • And before that I did it in the sand.
  • Couldn't have said it better. Get a Nexus. One day people will realize that the experience you get with a Nexus is the best possible Android experience.
  • I have to disagree. Sure you get updates quicker but that doesn't make the experience better to me.
  • +1
  • Yeah if you want iPhone-like software upgrades you need to get the phone from the... Nexus. Regarding notifications, I like what they did. It remeinds me of the notification interface on Palm OS. It makes sense since they hired Mateas.
  • the only issue I've ever had with getting a nexus device is the lack of an SD card slot. Some will say its unnecessary however I feel it is a pretty big deal. I'll probably just pick up an SIII and root it.
  • ICS was the beta for JellyBean! Now let's all hope and pray, the devices that were promised ICS, will be upgradeable to JB.