Nexus S users -- how's your WiFi strength?

Nexus One WiFi signal

OK, folks, we're looking for input here -- how is the WiFi performance on your Nexus S?  I noticed today while fooling around in my living room that I'm not getting the best throughput while on WiFi from my Nexus S.  I'm not the only one that seems to have noticed, SPE Senior Editor-in-Chief Dieter (check out his hands-on here) says his experience is mixed, but it does seem weak, and Engadget's Mobile Editor Chris Ziegler has seen what he calls "miserable wifi signal strength" on his unit as well. 

I won't go quite that far, and I'm not into the miserable range here, but there's enough difference to warrant some testing -- so that's what I did.  We already found out that Samsung and Google are using a low-power WiFi chip on the Nexus S, is it possible that it's a little too low-power?  Maybe phones like the Nexus One, or the Motorola Droid and their extra-strong WiFi radio have spoiled us, but we're really interested in your feedback.  Grab the WiFi Analyzer app from the market (link after the break) and share what you got in the Nexus S forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • And so it begins! muhahahahaha!
  • im starting to love my decision to keep my N1 more and more!
  • It would be interesting to see if this is range dependent, that is, if it falls off faster using the S as you move away from the router. If the total range is about the same before you can't get any data, then its just a signal level reporting issue, and the can do an "iPhone fix" on it. (lie). I think the bandwidth tester is also called for, at various ranges. Who knows, maybe the thing is really good at pulling signal out of the noise.
  • No issue here and woah, my Google maps works just fine too! Super cool xD
  • I'm hearing a whole with the Nexus S. It's a shame the new Nexus isn't all it could be.
  • Almost jumped ship to TMo for this phone. N1 for me!
  • My N1 maintains a connection on the far side of the house. NS regularly drops connection in same location
  • N1 and NS side by side, and NS shows a slightly lower signal strength, but not all the time. Most places, the signal strength is the same. I even walked around our office a little, and everywhere I measured signal strength, the NS was exactly the same, but in a few cases it *did* drop to a lower level than the N1. I didn't see a single place in our office where the N1 was lower than the NS.
  • My N1 keeps a very strong wifi connection all the way to the 3rd floor. I have my router on my desk on the 1st floor. I can also walk outside to the front of my house and still maintain a very strong connection. Then when my wifi drops off my T-Mobile HSPA+ kicks in and I have some real smokin fast dl speeds. T-Mobile in my area is faster then any other provider in the US. I'm getting between 3.7 and over 6.3 DL and consistent 1.4 upload. My new MyTouch 4G is even faster.
  • I think the Nexus One just has a very strong WiFi antenna. My Nexus S gets about 10dBm less than the Nexus One, but gets the same as my friend's HTC EVO 4G. It doesn't bother me much since I get wireless service very where in my house.
  • I wonder how many people got the Nexus S. Because if this article was about any other phone, there would be a shit load of comments.
  • I was thinking the same thing. That's what Google and Samsung get for releasing it on the smallest network in the US. Where is the AT&T version? Does anyone have any data on how many N1 sold for TMo vs ATT?
  • I've only used my nexus s at home, on wifi, and it seemed fine. I haven't noticed any difference between nexus one and nexus s when it comes to wifi, granted I've only had nexus s for a day.
  • hmm it seems google wanted samsung to use battery saving components in the phone they used an old wifi antenna... and this is the consequence
  • Old antenna? Really? You dont' suppose the Wifi transceiver chip had any thing to do with it do you? Your going with antenna?
  • You all are holding it wrong....
  • Seriously do we need drama every time a phone launches? Maybe youtube videos will surface, consumer reports will put a hanger antenna on it, and google will tell us were to far from the wifi signal.
  • No real complaints here yet. Had a 60db signal but my router has been on the Fritz too. Any other NS owners okay so far?
  • Look at all these thumbs Downs. Unhappy with the NS? Or are ya mad people are hating on your phone? An I'm not even remotely jealous.
  • Hmmmmm weak GPS signal......check
    weak wifi signal............check
    issues with USB port........check i think thats about right for a samsung phone....yikes!!
  • The app in this article is pretty accurate. I used it to set up my networks. Looks like my EVO isn't alone in having a weak wifi anntenna.
  • Nexus S averages 5 to 10 dBm's weaker than Nexus One. I have not encountered any real world problems with weaker signal.
  • You should instead use a router that's not connected to the internet. Connect to the routers config menu using your browser, and measure connection quality there. This way background crap and rotating ads won't interfere.
  • My NS seems to be about the same as my N1. I hadn't noticed any significant difference before or after reading this post...
  • NS and N1 are the same. No difference what so ever here. I tried 2 seperate connections that I have at home.
  • mine is bad, i'm faster just using 3g half the time in my condo. using a wireless N router too.
  • I get poor WiFi reception in my house. I am using an Airport Base Station and it's 15 feet away from me. I have 2-3 bars for WiFi. That's some BS right there. My computers get full bars in every room.
  • The WiFi reception is so poor that it has to be regarded as broken. Not usable in a professional infrastructure (Cisco Access Routers), poor usage at home.
  • Does everyone tried to test the WiFi without the back cover? I would try it by myself but I've sent back my Nexus.