Nexus One's Android 2.3 Gingerbread update promised 'in the coming weeks'

OMG! The Nexus One will get its over-the-air Gingerbread update in a few weeks, according to the GoogleNexus Twitter account. In a few weeks?!?!? That means we should repeatedly hit the software update button starting now, right? RIGHT?!?!

We know, we know. Patience is not your strong suit. But an interesting thing happened as the Android 2.3 code was released last week: Google said the AOSP code can't just be compiled and slapped into a working build for the Nexus One and the Nexus S. Of course, that didn't stop anybody, and we've had builds running since last Friday night -- and some of them are getting pretty darn good. But let's give the boys and girls at Google a little time to get things right (and, perhaps, enjoy their holidays?) before pushing anymore code, m'kay? [Twitter]

Phil Nickinson
  • M'kaaay...
  • I'm ready for Gingerbrocalypse to begin, but I'm sure Motorola will make me wait until at least April.
  • They already said that.... a bit redundant from Google
  • Whats more, they said "in the coming weeks" SEVERAL weeks ago. The chirping around the net is January.
    Most are blaming Nexus S, suggesting contractual obligations with Samsung, (which would be in violation of the Handset Alliance charter). Its possible Google switched ALL development over to the Nexus S platform and now has to backtrack to get the Nexus One working. Still, I'm calling shenanigans. And by the way, "The coming weeks" encompasses all of eternity.
  • Yea, like the guy above me, I call shenanigans too. I think they're making the statement again because we N1 owners are kind of expecting the OTA rollout to begin within the next week or so. I'm going to be kind of (well, more like highly) ticked off if the whole conceit of a Nexus getting OS updates first actually means "one update first". I kind of feel like I've been thrown under the bus as an N1 owner.
  • The keyword I think we are overlooking is "update". The nexus one was and is primarily a developer phone made available to the public. It was designed to be the pure Google experience for developers to have a baseline for which to write their programs for as well as a model for those that would follow. It is for that primary reason that Google had promised to push out the updates the nexus line first. And Google has been faithful to that promise because the fact is that while Gingerbread debuted on the nexus s, the nexus one will still be the first to receive it as an update. Now that may seem like a bit of deceit within the wordplay but it's not because Google reserves the right to update their nexus line and if anyone deceived themselves into thinking they would always recieve the newest os fist now matter what generation of nexus one they carry... well I think there is a bit of misunderstanding of how the evolution of technology works. Especially one that is as rapidly changing as the mobile industry.
  • Negative! After The major flub of giving the prestegious Nexus title to a company who didn't bother to include gorilla glass, removeable memory, or an hspa+ radio into their device they aren't getting the "coming weeks" pass from me..... They have some makin up to do with the rest of the REAL Nexus owning faithful.
  • Ding!
  • So the Nexus S is imaginary?
  • lolz
  • CM7 is what I'm waiting on. No need to roll back for 2.3.
  • hey guys, I just took the jump from my blackberry over to ANDROID and i gotta say, it was worth every penny. But even with some of the speculation from the EVO 4G, I picked it up anyway just for the time being. Or unless something new jumps out in the next 30 days. So bear with me if this is a stupid question, but is 2.2 version the highest OS version that the EVO is gonna get?.....or could GingerBread gonna work on this device?.....thanks alot guys
  • Evo is new enough that it should get 2.3 (gingerbread). Some day. Start writing those emails.
  • The EVO is almost guaranteed to get 2.3. It's just about when. Took HTC 6weeks to get 2.2 out the door. So. You can guesstimate from that
  • ok cool.....thanks guys....first i gotta get used to using 2.2 for fellas
  • I wouldnt even think about 2.3 till March at the optimistic earliest.
  • The evo was the first NON NEXAS phone to get 2.2. It'll come sooner than you think. And everyone with thier latest and greatest galaxy s will be drewlling!
  • HTC is pretty good with it's updates. Plus, the jump from 2.1 to 2.2 was far more significant than 2.2 to 2.3
  • For Desire I've had 2.3 running stable for a few days now, Loving it baby!
  • I call "Marketing" as the main reason for this. Less we forget that the Nexus S still hasn't been released in the UK, so I'm sure part of the reason is they want to have the phone completely released before nullifying the only real advantage the phone has in reality, especially since the Nexus One is still sold in Europe, right? How can Google not have a Gingerbread build ready for the Nexus One already? I understand they switched over to the Nexus S, but I'm sure there are loots of Google employees still using the N1 and probably still partial to it. It's got to be a Marketing agreement... and it sucks.
  • diggity dang. nex needs to get it soon. got the new market but no good ole bread.
  • After seeing the new features of 2.3, I'm sorta meh about it. Anyway, it's winter so I'm transitioning from phone geek to snowboarding dweeb for a couple months.
  • This has to be marketing for the Nexus S. Remember how the first glimpse we ever saw of Gingerbread was running on a Nexus One? It has to be ready by now, they're just sitting on it until the Nexus S hype dies down a bit. Somebody at Google, please "accidentally" leak this to XDA! Nobody will tell on you, honest!
  • 2013 is going to happen in the "coming weeks" as well, I understand. Heh.
  • What? I thought the Nexus One was suppose to get Android updates right away!!! Now you Nexus lovers have nothing on us.
  • Yeah, you're right... we have nothing on any of the SGS owners. Oh wait, when do they get Froyo again?
  • owned
  • *Yawn* Gingerbread? I've had that stable for days now... Yay Nexus S. ;)
  • Yeah… waiting here, too.
    And pissed off at Google for letting this happen.
    Uhm... what happened to "Nexus devices get update first?" Isn't the Nexus One a Nexus device? My guess is it is about money. My assumption is that it would be equal or easier for them to put 2.3 out for the Nexus One (and that it was actually already running on the Nexus One weeks ago) vs. the Nexus S if they wanted to. So… motivation… I’m guessing they didn’t want to cannibalize Nexus S sales by giving Nexus One owners a reason to hold on to our current phones that much longer. And I won't even go into how pissed off I am at the lack of forward-thinking/building that went into the Nexus S. Yeah, I'm waiting for the Nexus 2 or whatever. Google bad! But I still love you. Yeah, I’m whipped.
  • Even if I could afford to jump to the Nexus S from my Nexus One, I don't think I would, right now. It's just not as big of a jump that I want when I get a new phone. The only thing it REALLY has over the N1 is the forward facing camera. Otherwise, the phones are extremely similar in spec. IE, not worth me shelling out $500+ for when my N1 will do me fine for at least another 6 or so months, if not longer. I went from the G1 to the N1, which was a huge leap in spec and performance. The jump from N1 to NS just isn't as big, or needed, for me.
  • Does this mean the G2 will get the update at the same time???
  • Phil where is the leaked version like we had for Froyo.
  • Please let it come with FM radio!!!
  • Sad Epic owner I am :(
  • Spammers are getting lazy now not even trying to write their own spam just copying and pasting ours lol. Burn! Anyway you nexus one guys, I feel your complaints but at the same time I gotta say let it go. You know it's inevitable that your phone gets lost in the shadows of what was. You can't expect it's updates to keep coming much less first. I'm a DX owner so not biased as I don't care when mine comes because I'm really happy with where I'm at. Nexus one owners need to start preparing to let go of your blankey and move on.
  • Oh and just be glad you're not having to wait on Moto and the big red! Lol
  • All I can say is "Sheesh fellow N1 guys". Gingerbread has been officially release since when? Last Thursday? (Do not confused "announced" with "released".) There're no contracts in play, per se. Seems like it's always 3-4 weeks after an "offical" release that the N1 gets the update. Does anyone remember Froyo? Announced in May, released end of May, N1 gets it middle to end of June. Gingerbread is following the same path. So the Nexus S came out the same day as Gingerbread is released. Big Whoop. No Shenanigans, it's just Google releasing the new developer phone with the newest API. Actually, I wish the N1 forums were still open. The "Google is evil because I don't have Froyo" thread was quite entertaining! hehe
  • Wow we have Gingerbread rooted already on the Htc Incredible thanks to dev hard worker. Glad that we have amazing support for incredibles owner
  • To wait or to root, that is the question.
  • What a joke this has turned out to be. Thanks for nothing Google-- horrible messaging, treating the N1 like a red-headed step-child. N1 was my first and probably my last Android device if this sort of amateur hour treatment is what I have to look forward to.