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Taking a look back at the Nexus 5 on its fourth birthday

Every now and then, a gadget comes along that makes a huge impact in the mobile technology market. Apple's iPhone revolutionized what a smartphone should be in 2007, Samsung's original Galaxy Note in 2011 brought back the stylus and made big phones commonplace, and LG's Nexus 5 in 2013 offered the best Android experience the market had seen at that point in time.

The Nexus 5 launched with a starting price of $350, and for that money, you were getting a totally stock build of the all-new Android 4.4 KitKat, wonderfully practical soft-touch plastic body, 4G LTE connectivity, and all of the latest silicon that was currently available. The Nexus 5 offered a lot of what we'd come to expect from a flagship phone in 2013, but it did so at about half the price.

The Nexus 5's user experience was second-to-none.

However, talking about the Nexus 5 based solely on its spec sheet is the wrong way to handle this conversation. The phone certainly offered an impressive list of tech, but what made the Nexus 5 so special was just how much of a pleasure it was to actually use the device.

Going back to that plastic body, this was easily one of the Nexus 5's strong suits. There was some initial backlash considering that the Nexus 4 offered an arguably more premium design with its reflective glass back, but any worries or concerns immediately disappeared once people got their hands on the phone.

The Nexus 5 was available in two colors at launch (black and white), and while the white (aka panda) version was clean and attractive with a harder plastic, the black variant was soft and grippy with a crazy amount of texture. This is something you just don't see in phone design these days, but it made the Nexus 5 comfortable, durable, and even allowed for wireless charging – something the Pixel 2 doesn't even offer.

KitKat was a turning point for Android.

Google used the Nexus 5 as its showcase for Android 4.4 KitKat, and this was a huge step for the OS. Android KitKat introduced the world to the Google Now Launcher with Google Now cards on the left side of our home screen, got rid of the Tron aesthetic in favor of a cleaner and flatter design, and smoothed out a lot of the rough edges that'd been present in Android since its inception. KitKat was fast, fluid, and paved the way for the Android that we still know and love with 8.1 Oreo.

However, if Google's flavor of stock 4.4 KitKat wasn't your jam, you had no shortage of ROMs to choose from with the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 had (and still does) one of the most active development communities around, and like many others, was my first foray into the world of rooting and ROMing.

It's no secret the Nexus 5 was a great phone, and while we'd love to keep gushing over it, we also want to hear about your experiences with the phone. What did you love? What did you hate? How in the world has Google not made a sucessor to that stunning red version?

See you in the comments!

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Loved that phone. Have mine in a desk drawer still. Also, it is actually its 4th birthday, not its 5th. Came out in 2013.
  • Doh!
  • Math did not apply at the AC offices today
  • I still have mine too. I used to use it as a Chromecast "remote" of sorts, but newer apps aren't supported so it's probably going to go soon.
  • Lol!
    We have 2 nexus 5 running strong as daily drivers(my girl and my oldest son)
    It literally takes 2 min to change the battery inside!
    I also have a Motorola nexus 6,a nexus 6p and a Asus Nexus 7 2013 that we use every day
    I just changed the battery inside my it runs nice!
    You dudes can keep your Pixels,Sammy and crappy iPhones ..I will never pay that much for a mobile device.
    My daily driver is a ZTE axon 7 ...a device with great specs for a good price with dual speakers on top of it!!
    ..and it reminds me of my beloved nexus 5(great support btw)
    my youngest son has a Xiaomi Redmi note 2's near indestructible !!!
    Loved it so much that I bought a mi max with an endless battery life to use as a tablet! where's my sim card...?
  • The screen finally went wonky on the one I handed down to my son, so sadly its gone, but still have a Galaxy Nexus I use as a music player and a Nexus 6 as a backup line. On a V30 now as I got no love for the Pixels. Thanks a lot Google...
  • I love Android when they had the Nexus devices. (1) It ran stock Android.
    (2) It was affordable for the masses.
    (3) The hardware specs were generous. The Nexus 5 was a great device and for me it was a major plus because it was released on a good (and now even better) carrier, T-Mobile. I became a dedicated fan of the Nexus Project and jumped on the Nexus 6 a year later even though the price was considerably high. When the Pixels were released, that was the time I stopped paying attention to Google devices. Google the largest and one of the richest companies in the world became more greedier. Charging customers close to $1000 just completely turned me off. They have lost their humility and sacrificed it so that they could be Apple-like. The death of Nexus was horrific for the development and custom ROM community who made their devices "cool". To me the Pixels are just another luxury item to be had and nothing more. I still crave for the stock Android experience. I may still consider and perhaps wait a year or so for the Pixel 2 XL price to go down since it still has issues. But yeah, the Nexus 5 was Google's last and greatest smartphone.
  • NEXUS 5 ember red 16gb my idol phone but not idle in action. Still pumping out the goods but feeling it's age. Battery needs charging twice daily, arthritic overtones, but never dropped or crashed.
    The "Goldilocks" size & comfort handhold too.
    Google - What the hell did you do to us?
    Whining bring it back wont help. What will?
    Oprah Winfrey do you have your red one still?
    NEXUS 5 R.I.P. & thanks Android Central for the timely rewind.
    SupershopperNz Rod out of New Zealand.
  • Created an account just to say that having endured the battery issues on my 6p for so long i finally have in and 'rolled back' to the Nexus 5 to see out the last few months of my contact - should have done it months ago, it's better in every way that that Huawei POS.
  • I loved my Nexus 5!
  • I loved my Nexus 5 phone; it was the perfect size, 5" screen, easy to hold, fast, great price for 32GB, I wish it would've gotten upgraded to Android 7.0. Mine started having issues with freezing and audio issues (notifications and audio not playing at all) and it got stuck deleting the partition cache + formatting this I moved to a Moto G5+ but still have the Nexus 5 as a backup ready to be setup (just in case) or if anyone in my family needs a phone quickly.
  • I have the same phones as you! I went from a Nexus 5 -> iPhone 6 -> Nexus 6P -> iPhone 6 -> Nexus 5 -> Moto G5+. I still have the Nexus 5 with Pixel Launcher and despite its cracked screen, it helped me fall in love with Android again, hence my next phone after the iPhone 6 wasn't another iPhone (I was looking at an iPhone SE). The only downside to the Nexus 5 was the crazy expensive repair costs. If they made another with stock Android, Snapdragon 6xx, 4Gb RAM, SD Card, OLED, NFC, USB 3 and a headphone jack (at the bottom), I'd take it!
  • I miss my Nexus 5's. had black, then red. Awesome devices overall, yes the camera was lacking. But wireless charging and no need for case, and very light. Good times.
  • Using a Nexus 5 right now with LineageOS 7.1.2. Had Oreo beta from XDA, Ubports (formerly Ubuntu Touch) and SailfishOS on it as well. Legendary phone.
  • How does it perform today
  • I can't really push the phone - this is a four-year old phone after all. For my needs it's fine. Really depends what you want to do. Great phone to test other ROMs and alternative mobile OSes (much like my beloved Nexus 4's).
  • I still love my Nexus 5. I think Google is missing an opportunity to throw a new processor in this design and attract the more frugal among us. I've had the Nexus 5 since December 2013, retiring the Nexus 4, and Nexus 5 is still my daily driver today. I recently tried to upgrade to the LG V30+ on Sprint because of the headphone jack (I need to charge and watch video on long airplane rides) and LG was throwing in a Daydream View with purchase. I used the LG V30+ for a week and hated the software experience so much after spending numerous years with stock android I returned the LG V30 for a complete refund. I recently installed a new battery in the Nexus 5 and I'm getting roughly 45 hours on a single charge (no streaming, no location services, no bluetooth, no social media apps (except twitter)). I'm in the process of putting a Nougat ROM on the Nexus 5 and I'll try to use this as my daily driver for another 4 years. After using the LG V30 I am able to notice the slower response times from the Nexus 5 but had I never driven a newer model I would have never known the Nexus 5 didn't have as much pep in its step.
  • You would probably LOVE Nexus 5x.l
  • I still have one, and recently when my Nexus 5X caught the bootloop bug, I switched my SIM card back into the old Nexus 5 while I was waiting on the replacement 5X. It felt funny to use at first, because it felt so small and light in comparison, though I recall that a 5" screen seemed large when I got it in 2013. I found it totally usable (using Android 6) for a week or so until I got the replacement 5X.
  • I'm probably one of the few that just didn't like this phone. And it was more of a build quality preference for me. I had been using the HTC one M7 for a month or two and I was able to get my hands on one and I just couldn't use it. Sure, the M7 wasn't perfect but I just preferred it over the Nexus 5. Although my brother still has the Nexus 5 in his room and still sings it's praises to this day.
  • Needed to be in a case, build quality was fairly cheap.
  • Yeah it was at least for me anyways. This is a very subjective thing. Some people would prefer this over metal or glass phones. Not me build me a good build metal or glass phone. But I did like that it pushed what could be bought for $360
  • I never once needed a case for mine in the 3 years I used mine. Never once dropped it either, because it wasn't built from all this premium garbage that's slippery.
  • I was still using my Nexus 5 until just a few days ago when I got a new Pixel 2 XL. The primary reasons for replacing the N5 was 1) way too much lag in Google Maps and near-constant "Searching for GPS", resulting in a lot of missed turns while navigating and 2) system lag had become too much of an issue, particularly with the camera app which was taking several seconds to load and way too long to process an image. System boot had also become painfully long. I'm assuming all of this is related, and all due to a combination of limited RAM and too many resource-hog apps, even though I kept my app count to a minimum. I regularly performed factory reset/clean install, but would soon end up the same once apps were reinstalled. I suspect (but never confirmed) that there were several rogue apps still vying for resources even when I had not launched them or had purposely closed them. Still the best phone I've ever used hands down, and I used it for over 3 1/2 years. I probably would have upgraded to the Pixel last year (or earlier Nexus) if the N5 hadn't been the last Google phone with wireless charging. Unfortunately I couldn't deal with the lag anymore and decided this latest Google phone was going to be it, with or without wireless charging. I love the P2XL, but definitely miss wireless charging - I hope next year's Pixel lineup includes wireless charging, and if it does I'll certainly upgrade again.
  • I loved the aesthetic of the Nexus 7 (2013) and the Nexus 5. Some of the best plastic designs to come out IMO. Looked minimal and were easy to grip.
  • I still use my '13 Nexus 7 every day. Couldn't agree more about the minimalist functional design. By far the best bang-for-the-buck Android phone ever see release. And yeah, personally I thought the plastic felt quite premium - wish they'd go back to it... Better than glass, metal, and ceramic when it comes to looking for an all-around winner for durability, grip, and not impeding radio signals/wireless charging/etc.
  • This.
  • This was the best phone Google made. Downhill ever since
  • My wife is still using my old Nexus 5. We used to be a two Nexus 5 household we loved that phone so much. Unfortunately, the lack of security updates makes me too nervous, so as soon as I receive a Pixel that I ordered off of eBay (I'm not ready to give up headphone jack, and the new Pixel 2 really pushed the OG Pixel prices down!), I'll give my wife my Nexus 5x and we'll finally retire that amazing phone. Will be missed for sure. Perfect size and felt great in the hand.
  • My favorite phone of all time! I'd still be rocking one if it wasn't for LG's stupid bootloop 😠
  • I was one of the few people who used this phone in Ghana. I loved it.
  • Nexus 5 and Nexus 1 were my favorite Nexus devices. Still rocking my 6p, while I wait for my (supposed to have shipped yesterday) Pixel 2XL and I love it, as well. If not for the lack of LATE, the Nexus 4 would be on my list as well.
  • Lol same pixel 2 xl was supposed to ship yesterday. Battery bug on 6p is killing me as it turns off at about 40% now
  • I have not long stopped using my Nexus 5, only for the fact it's falling apart. I have replaced it with a Pixel. The Nexus was the best mobile phone I have owned. The Pixel is great, but lacks character if that sounds crazy. My Nexus traveled far and wide. It never suffered the boot loop problems, battery as never great , but it charged quickly. Great spec even for today, not too shabby, and a fab screen. Google could learn a few lessons from phones they helped to conceive like this one.
  • Clearly everyone who owned one, loved it. Why would Google not let it evolve? Because they have incompetent leadership in their hardware department.
  • What I really like about this phone is the options it gives for connecting to large screens or projectors. It has Slimport for connection by HDMI cable when there is no internet access, can cast to Chromecast and can even cast to my Netgear Push2TV Miracast device. The device still runs smoothly on Marshmallow too.
  • I wanted this phone but went with the m7 now i have the pixel:) i love the pure android experience
  • That was the best phone I ever owned.
  • Ordered my n5 the day it was released and, while it's definitely getting a bit long in the tooth, it's still going & nothing since has seemed worth the money to upgrade.
    Some of the early ones had loose volume buttons that rattle.. I've gotten used to that.
    As others have commented I'd love a 2017/18 spec version but it'll never happen. Having had a n1 (broken power button & wonky touch sensor) and a 1st gen n7 (crappy component induced slow down to unusable) the Nexus 5 has been my one success with Google hardware (rattling buttons asides)
    ... it'll probably be Samsung next up. pixel, smixel
  • I loved this phone and never actually had the chance to own it. Recently I'm doing a medical study and the "journal" I keep for it is done on a provided Android device....imagine my absolute delight when they handed me a brand new never been used Nexus 5... I flipped out. I wish I had bought this phone back in the day to have the experience. Now I get to love the feel of it without the need to worry about paying for it to do so.
  • Probably the most overrated.
  • I loved my Nexus 5! Battery finally got too worn down for regular use, lag and the occasional crash, and security updates were ending. I got a deeply discounted Nextbit Robin in June-ish to tide me over until I could decide between the Pixel and Pixel 2. Got my Pixel XL in Really Blue about two months ago (conscious decision - headphone jack, mostly). Everything about the N5 was wonderful, until​ it wasn't anymore. But it's still my favorite Android phone (still miss webOS) I've owned, up until my Pixel. If they'd made a new version of the Nexus 5 I totally would have bought it.
  • I miss my N5. Even after I moved to an N6 and then a 6P, I still used my N5 as an MP3 for the gym and running. Right up until it bootlooped. Someone at LG needs to bring the original N5 body and put the latest mid-range components in it and reintroduce it.
  • This! Throw a 630 in there and let it compete in the mid-range market.
  • Yes!!!
  • Hi I have the orange nexus 5 and I'm still using it. The phone works great and would not give it up.
  • Love my Nexus 5 still using it!
  • Still have it ... The last Nexus to use HDMI out... It's my torrent machine.
  • The best Google phone I owned year for year, but also the last one at least until this year. Gotta say too, loved the value proposition of the Nexus 1 - 5 compared to the Nexus 6 - Pixel 2.
  • Just replaced mine last week with a pixel 2 XL. Probably would have continued to use it but the battery had just gotten too bad.
  • It was a hell of a lot better than the Nexus 5X for its time. Now I kinda miss my Nexus 5. I wonder how long I would have used if I never dropped it on its screen.
  • This wireless charging review by Phil is what kinda brought me to this site btw :) RIP wireless charging 💀
  • I still have my Nexus 5 and I would happily use it if the battery life wasn't so terrible now. It's still a fast and smooth device.
  • I still have my original and have 4 other working models. I bought a bunch of broken ones off of eBay and just pieced them together. I've been getting into home automation and I wanted a phone in every room so what better device than the versatile N5. This is still one(or 5) of the smoothest phones around. I went to an S6E, then S7E, then S8+ and I still reach for the Nexus quite often. Easily my favorite phone off all time
  • Loved it! I loved that grippy material! Also the only other Nexus I have seen in the wild when I had one.
  • Freaking loved this phone. I almost wanna pick one up now, just for kicks. Also, after the Nexus 5, I started buying Spigen thin fit cases. Very similar grip/feel. Had one on my LG G5 and now on my S8.
  • Google used to release nice phones. I'd still be using that phone if it had Wi-Fi calling. The Pixel phones just don't appeal to me. RIP Nexus program.
  • You are missing out because first gen Pixel was better than any Nexus phone I had ever used. Perhaps the price is what stumbled you, and I get that. But experience? Top notch.
  • Oh I'm sure, starting with what excatly? Design? Lol I'm sorry but Nexus 5 was a heck of a good looking device for it's time. I'll go as far as saying it's still a much better loooking phone than both pixels 1 and 2.
  • This is the GOAT Nexus in my opinion. My dad even still uses this phone to this day. I remember ordering the 5x thinking it would be a good upgrade but at launch it was riddled with bugs and I was disappointed.
  • It was my first smartphone. It had some compromises but it was a good phone. Was still using it until a couple of months agowhen I switched to an original moto X my kid replaced. It was pitifully slow and couldn't keep a charge but it did still work. Hope to be replacing before Christmas but not sure with what yet.
  • Such a good phone. Cost half what my 6P cost, and lasted twice as long.
  • It was alright for the price, but no sentiment to old phones. Love the current ones.
  • I also think that the Nexus 7 (2012) was a very influential product from Google as well. It really changed the way people viewed android regarding lag (I believe it was introduced with Project Butter to make Android smoother), and it was unbelievably affordable given its specs; Tegra 3 was top/near top-of-the-line for the time, the 720p display, although not the highest was still very good for a 7' tablet at the time, decent build quality all for only $199. I remember the struggle to buy it after it was released, because it was sold out pretty much everywhere. Used it for a good two years after its release, but it slowed to a crawl after that, probably due to only 1GB RAM. Regardless, I feel it was one of the first "popular" Nexus devices, if not the first.
  • Absolutely. Started up the Android tablet market with an incredible value proposition. The 2013 model wasn't much more, and had even better value with a wide range of upgrades. To be fair, there was a widespread issue for many with the motherboard being corrupted by a Google update at one point, but Google and Asus took it on the chin and covered it even well out of warranty (they actually fixed that issue for me late last year on a device over 2 years out of warranty!). I still have both of mine (the 2012 sits in a drawer), and the developer community support for the '13 model is... AMAZING! There's a couple of options it there to update to 8.0 Oreo. On a 2013 device. And while it isn't as fast as modern devices, it still runs quite well. And for a 4 year old used tablet that retailed new originally starting from $229 to still actually sell frequently for as much as $150 to $200 on eBay...
  • Just noticed that the camera hump on the Nexus 5 is very similar to that of the pixel 2
  • I loved my Nexus 5. It was the first time I had ever pre-ordered a phone, and it showed up on my doorstep on Halloween. The user experience I had was awesome, and i enjoyed tinkering with the thing. I owned the black, and later a white one (never owned a red one). It is now halfway across the world, being used by my brother in law. I'm almost tempted to buy one cheap and use it as a backup.
  • Had two N5's, technically still do, though the wifi quit in one causing lockups and reboots. The other N5 still works perfectly. One had a quieter speaker, and slightly wonky GPS (the GPS seemed to work better on 4.4 than on 5+), and the mediocre battery life wasn't terrific. The camera was honestly my least favorite aspect, everything on the phone I used just seemed washed out, overexposed and slightly grainy. Development community was always awesome. I was talked into buying a budget ZTE, and hated that. I refurbished a N6 to replace the ZTE, and will keep the N5's around, one for a backup, and the other for spare parts, just in case. Might take the ZTE to the range for some target practice though.
  • Almost exactly the same position I'm in with my 2 N5's. I actually had 1 before the 2 I now have, but sold it. I also have lots of replacement parts....battery, USB port, camera, screen, back cover (wireless charging), SlimPort cable, etc. I love my N5's. Still can't beat it, and I have a reconstructed N5X I built out of 2 injured phones. I had a boot loop issue with 1, but not the infamous issue that phone is known for, it loops through the Bootloader choices backwards, mimicking a volume "down" button being stuck On. I can catch the cycling at just the right second and it boots to Safe mode. And it's worse when hot. If it sits while Off awhile, it usually starts, but soon goes into its loop state, so the volume down button I stuck, which puts it into silent mode.
  • I absolutely LOVED my Nexus 5. It had a good screen, nice feel to it and a decent camera (if you thought the camera was horrible then you are just a horrible photographer lol). I got nice compliments on my pics and videos. Wireless charging was awesome for working at a desk job. The one thing I HATED was the audio quality. Even when the volume was turned all the way up it was still too low compared to the Beats Audio I was used to coming from the HTC Rezound before it. After the N5 I went to the Alcatel Idol 3 and then to the Nexus 6P because I missed having a Nexus so much.
  • I also thought the camera was vastly underated. It was good for the day imo and still is.
  • It was underrated. I took some fantastic pictures with that device. Google's HDR+ mode is top notch.
  • Yep, I got MANY great photos out of it in my 3 years with it.
  • Still going good..touchwood!!
    ..message sent from Nexus5
  • I've owned every Nexus phone (Aside from the One because I was still rocking the G1 at the time I believe and the 6), but I think the Nexus 5 was my absolute favorite of them all. It was just such a pleasant piece, loved that back, the camera was great. Man, I miss it.
  • STILL the best value for your buck at $100 (32Gb) on eBay. I still have both the 32Gb and the 16Gb versions and use BOTH, albeit only the 32Gb is a "phone". I don't understand why Google never made a Nexus 5.1 version, exactly the same with an upgraded processor, more RAM, and more storage. Of course it would need some other upgrades, larger system partition, camera upgrade, etc. But all the features of the N5 should be present in the 5X and Pixel phones, like the wireless charging and USB SlimPort video connectivity. IMO, the Nexus 5 still holds it's own against today's phones, (not including flagships). With a 7.1.2 ROM and a little patience, you just can't beat it
  • Love that phone just replaced it with a pixel 2 XL.
  • The 5 killed the Nexus for me. I had the One, S, Galaxy and 4. Loved all of them but the 5 left me cold and I never wanted to go back.
  • I've never seen a Nexus 5 in person. I've seen the 4 and 6, but never a 5 for some reason in the sea of Galaxies.
  • I loved the Nexus 5 and for the money it was the best value Nexus ever. It was almost pocket money and I recommended it to quite a few people.
    My problems arose from dropping it. It slid from my bed and landed on the wooden floor and smashed the display. I had it repaired on insurance but never regained confidence in it. When I discovered there was a new issue that arose from the repair I was happy to take the cash instead of further repairs. So, although it was a fine, fine phone I was never happy about the durability.
  • Still use mine from time to time. Running LineageOS 7.1.2, rock solid. Have replaced the original battery (simple operation). Still not a bad phone.
  • Quite arguably, the best phone I've owned. The grippy soft touch back, and pure Android made this phone a pleasure to use on a daily basis. A shattered screen is the olny reason i don't own it today...
  • I still use mine! Folk forget how many features the thing had, and that I still use. Wireless charging, HDMI out, Miracast, NFC payments, etc. It is a cord cutters dream. As far as I can tell, no phones since has had all these features, and at a low price, to boot. Add a fingerprint reader, new Android, and a new processor, and I would buy it in a heartbeat. There is an opportunity out there for a manufacturer to come out with a replacement, but none have the courage.
  • Absolutely agree with all of this. Despite it being 'less premium' than the N4, as a dropper i welcomed the plastic body. My old man is still rocking his N5.
  • I still have a nice set of Nexi....GN, N4,N5 and recently the N6. I keep all charged and off. At some point I need to give them to someone who collects nostalgia..
  • Loved it when I bought it..still feels great ..tho its showing its age n the battery discharge rate is a worry..if they came out with a 2017/2018 version with a similar feel n style, would hesitate to buy it tho' I currently use a Galaxy Note 8!
  • My Nexus 5 is now my Poke'mon catcher. Works great on my trike in a rugged case. Easy to access and saves Pixel as it's safely tucked away.
  • Loved my N5 until it died a bootloop death.
  • Still my favorite phone. I still use it. It's my e-reader bedside. The soft touch back was the best. The size was perfect. The wireless charging was awesome. Efficiency of size, but easily held and used with one hand. Just got the Pixel 2 XL. Beautiful phone. Still consider, in its time, the 5 the best.
  • Still sitting in my desk drawer. Loved everything about it except ATT could only get it running at 3g. Went through a moto z play next, but for some reason mine wouldn't work with my new Android Auto capable vehicle, so I swapped with my wife's Moto G4+. Thought the Motos were the closest things to it, until I got my Nokia 6 today. Cleanest, purest android build I've seen on a phone since the 5. Absolutely no bloat whatsoever.
  • I bought the nexus 4,5, 5x and 6p.. The 4 was a beautiful phone to handle. The 6p was dissapointing with poor daylight visibility and battery life. I still have the 5x which I've given to my wife. The rubbery plastic grip is awesome. More phones should have this. Battery life is better than 6p and even though the specs aren't high, this phone performs really well. It's still a great phone..
  • I JUST left the Nexus 5 era a few weeks ago when I updated to the Moto z play. About 2 years ago I bought a used red Nexus 5 to replace my Nexus 4 and the 5 was easily the best phone I have ever owned. Only after after I updated did I actually feel like I had a old phone as the Moto z play is easily better (battery life) but at the time of it's release the N5 was a beast and still has respectable specs as a phone you could use today. In fact I sold mine to my co worker. I loved everything about the phone (except the battery) it's a real shame that Google cannot do this anymore. The Nexus line seriously cut into "more attractive" phones and the kicker is that this phone and the Nexus 4 had wireless charging and today Apple is actually highlighting that as a feature on it's iPhone x. Simply amazing bang for your buck. Unfortunately, pixel doesn't seem to have the same charm. And maybe because at it's price point, the expectations are raised. It's like Nexus became a superstar and forgot it's roots. This is where Google has tripped up. My Moto z play is basically what a Nexus phone would be today. And it's sad that Google just left it behind to compete with the big boys. But the Nexus 5 will be the best Nexus phone ever made.
  • I miss my n5. It's still in a box I keep all my old phone stuff in. I was in the habit of skipping phone generations so I went from Galaxy Nexus->N5->N6P and now P2XL. The stuff about the screen is mostly overblown. It shifts blue and probably shouldn't but it's not even that noticable. In fact the screen reminds me a lot of the N5 screen. Miss you, buddy.
  • "The black variant was soft and grippy with a crazy amount of texture. This is something you just don't see in phone design these days, but it made the Nexus 5 comfortable, durable, and even allowed for wireless charging – something the Pixel 2 doesn't even offer." I still cannot believe noone has made another phone the same way since then. That was the best material ever. And the grip was on the sides too. That's a really really big deal. But hey, all the OEM's are now trend whores who are just making the slipperiest phones they possibly can because people want that (WHY?).
  • My N5 is still my day to day phone 4 years later. Never had an issue with it although the fact that it no longer gets security updates (bloody annoying) means I'll need to buy a new phone soon. Would have liked to have gone with a Pixel but hate Google's 'yeah, let's make it really expensive' approach nowadays, so not an option. Might go for the new Nokia that's out soon. I just need something that does the basics well.
  • If you are looking for a phone that just works, but nothing fancy (and damn inexpensive) the Moto E4 is very nice. I am evaluating one for a project at work. A lot of phone for the money.