Nexus 4 launches on Virgin Mobile UK

First it was O2 UK, then Three, and now two months after the original Nexus 4 launch date, the phone's headed to Virgin Mobile UK. The provider, which offers service through EE's 3G/HSPA network, is giving away the Nexus 4 for free on 24-month contracts starting at £31 p.m. -- that'll get you 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB. For data-heavy users, there are other options available, such as a £34 p.m. deal that provides 2500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data -- although you'll pay £99 up-front for the handset if you choose this package.

Virgin Broadband + TV customers get handset insurance included for free, as well as free calls and texts to Virgin Mobile numbers.

With the Nexus 4 still sold out in the UK Google Play devices store, mobile operators' stores are the only sure-fire way to get hold of the coveted handset. Nevertheless, at this stage we'd advise you to think long and hard about whether a 24-month contract with no prospect of 4G LTE service is really worth your cash.

Source: Virgin Mobile UK

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • This makes it even more difficult to purchase from the play store but at least persons in the UK will be able to get it secure source.
  • Not sure about LTE comment unless its going to get much faster. My N4 on 3 is matching the internet speeds of my mates EE LTE enabled I phone 5. Both getting about20 down. Makes EE capped data plans look pretty rubbish
  • Ahh yes, yet another awesome phone on Anywhere-But-The-US-Virgin Mobile, hey guess what, I just snagged the Galaxy SII for the US Virgin!! =D #Laughable
  • Wimax, right? (lol)
  • Unlike the US Virgin, the UK Virgin is actually owned.... by Virgin.
  • LTE or not, until LTE coverage is the same as HSPA it's just a nice to have not a deal breaker.
    Love LTE, use a lot of battery so you should use HSPA or the million year system CDMA to save battery is usually the next few words that comes after LTE.
  • Come on Google. Where are the Play Store N4's?
  • well I just bought it from the carphonewarehouse it cost me about 390 simfree
  • What is a Nexus 4? I hear people talk bout all the time but never actually seen one
  • It's proper name is the glass unicorn.
  • I saw one at a Tmobile store right after they first went out of stock. Then I went to my Sprint store and bought a LTE GSIII and threw Apex Launcher on it.
  • LTE versus HSPA41(which the nexus supports and the operator 3 in the UK uses) seems to be a close match in the UK. As I previously stated both get about 20 Meg down. so why would I want another inferior phone on EE with a capped deal when I bought an unlocked Nexus4 from the play store and have an unlimited SIM only plan!Still waiting Alex 0)
  • Not to mention that HSPA is easier on your battery.