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Memorial Day TV sales live roundup: Save hundreds on Samsung, LG, Sony and more

Don't miss out on these fantastic TV deals

LG C1 OLED Lifestyle Photo
(Image: © LG)

The Memorial Day TV sales are live, and we're here to help show you the best deals as we find them today. We won't just be looking at super fancy OLED options, but also solid budget buys that save you lots of money while getting you great performance from your movie, TV, and gaming content.

Sure, Memorial Day sales events often feel like they're more about garden furniture and mattresses rather than electronics but great TV sales are a given every year and mark the best opportunity this side of Prime Day in the summer to save some serious Benjamins on a new TV. We've seen prices as low as $99 and at the other end of the scale for top OLED models we've seen hundreds knocked off various LG C1 sizes (that's an amazing gaming TV by the way) and you can even save a few grand on an 8K TV!

The best Memorial Day TV sales

We're updating the list below throughout the day as we enter what we expect to be the final day of the Memorial Day TV sales season. If you'd prefer to browse a retailer's selection of TV deals at your leisure, then check out the quick links above, which will take you straight to the action of the latest TV deals at the best TV retailers. Or keep scrolling for our hand-picked selection of deals.

LG OLED C1 65" 4K TV | $2,499.99

LG OLED C1 65" 4K TV | $2,499.99 $1,596.99 at Amazon
Ok, we're not starting off with the cheapest, but we seriously love this TV and we highly recommend it as one of the very best gaming TVs for PS5 and Series X players. It packs a wonderful 120hz 4K picture that was top of the pile until a newer version came out late last year. The older it gets, the lower that price drops too and today's $900 discount is the best we've ever seen.

Omni 65" Amazon Fire TV | $829.99

Omni 65" Amazon Fire TV | $829.99 $499.99 at Amazon
Let's dive into some big TVs with a low price. 4K TVs have become seriously affordable over the last few years and this is a sweet smart TV with a 65-inch display. For Memorial Day weekend, Amazon is dropping $330 off the retail price, resulting in a generous discount of 40%.

Insignia Class F20 Series 24" Smart Fire TV | $169.99

Insignia Class F20 Series 24" Smart Fire TV | $169.99 $99.99 at Best Buy
If you're not too bothered about 4K, happy to settle for a lower resolution, or maybe just need a basic bedroom TV then you can't argue with this for under $100. Better yet, it has Alexa voice control features and smart TV apps built-in. Excellent value.

Samsung The Frame 32" TV | $599

Samsung The Frame 32" TV | $599 $499 at Samsung
Fancy something a little different for your room? Samsung's The Frame series has an excellent mode that displays artwork onscreen when you're not using the TV and looks like a framed picture thanks to the unique bezel design. This isn't a 4K screen, but does come with HDR so you're getting a vibrant color range to enjoy and smart TV features are included too.

Vizio V-Series 50" 4K TV | $358

Vizio V-Series 50" 4K TV | $358 $298 at Walmart
Sometimes it's hard to pick out the good brands in the world of budget TVs, but Vizio is a solid choice, backed up by favorable reviews from the critics and high-star ratings from actual buyers on many store sites too. Under $300 with a 50-inch 4K smart TV is an ace value today.

Samsung Neo 65" QLED 8K TV | $4,999.99

Samsung Neo 65" QLED 8K TV | $4,999.99 $2,999.99 at Samsung
Save $2000: Looking to Future-proof your home entertainment setup with the ultimate resolution? This is a great time to dive in compared to a couple of years ago when 8K TVs were more like $20k. Sure, there isn't much native 8K content to enjoy yet, but this will upscale 4K to 8K, making your movies and games look excellent in the process. This deal is for the 2021 model, but you'll see the newer 2022 version is on offer too - we think this is the better value option right now though.

Fire TV Stick 4K | $49.99

Fire TV Stick 4K | $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon
You might not actually need a new TV with one of these excellent devices. If you have an older TV that isn't a 'smart TV' or maybe it is smart but missing a few of the newer apps, this is an excellent buy as long as your TV has an HDMI slot to connect to. Fire Sticks come packed with a huge selection of streaming apps and will upgrade your entertainment options in no time. Not bad at all for $35.

LG OLED C1 55" 4K TV | $1,499.99

LG OLED C1 55" 4K TV | $1,499.99 $1,096.99 at Amazon
We highlighted an excellent deal lower down this page earlier for the 65-inch model, but this one is well worth a shout too as it's $403 off today. 55-inches is a great size for most living rooms and this is still one of the best 120Hz 4K TVs money can buy for PS5/Series X gaming.

Sony Bravia XR A80J 55" 4K OLED TV | $1699

Sony Bravia XR A80J 55" 4K OLED TV | $1699 $1199 at Best Buy
Another great pick for next-gen gaming with a 4K OLED 120Hz VRR display that sees Sony really up its game after letting LG get away from it in recent times. You can't argue with a meaty $500 discount for Memorial Day either.

Hisense 43" A6G 4K TV | $269

Hisense 43" A6G 4K TV | $269 $229 at Best Buy
Already incredibly affordable, this Android TV from quality budget TV specialists, Hisense, is especially tempting today at just $229. You're getting a 4K HDR picture and a host of the best streaming apps too.

Toshiba 75" M550 4K TV | $1399

Toshiba 75" M550 4K TV | $1399 $699 at Amazon
Save $700: While it won't be troubling an LG OLED in terms of high-end tech, this is an unmissable price if you want a huge TV at a bargain price. It packs 4K, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, local dimming, and hands-free Alexa controls.

LG OLED A1 48" 4K TV | $1199

LG OLED A1 48" 4K TV | $1199 $796 at Amazon
This is arguably the best OLED TV around for under $1000. It might lack the 120Hz refresh rate of the fancier C1 series we mentioned earlier, but the picture is still incredible to behold and the black levels are super deep. The 55" model for an extra $200 is pretty tempting too.

Samsung TU7000 65" 4K TV | $529 at Samsung

Samsung TU7000 65" 4K TV | $529 at Samsung
This excellent TV from Samsung has been discounted multiple times since it was released a couple of years ago and is now an absolute steal. You won't find a better quality 4K TV of this size for a better price. 

Epson EF-100 Mini-Laser Streaming Projector | $1000

Epson EF-100 Mini-Laser Streaming Projector | $1000 $799 at Dell
The most cost-effective way of getting a monster-sized TV is actually to pick up a projector instead. And this little beauty is capable of throwing a screen of 150-inches and is $200 off today. Time to clear that wall. 


Projector screens at Amazon
Unless you have a beautifully smooth white wall, you might need to pick up a screen to go with your new projector. Good news though folks, you can actually get them fairly cheaply. You'll pay more for ones that pull down, or have their own support structure, but the most basic ones start around $25 for a 150-inch spread.  

LG NanoCell 99 65" 8K TV | $2999

LG NanoCell 99 65" 8K TV | $2999 $999 at Best Buy
This is much cheaper than the Samsung 8K TV we mentioned earlier and the cheapest 8K price seen for a TV of this size. However, we'd check out a few reviews first as they seem to be hovering around 7.5/10 or averaging just under 4 stars. Not bad scores by any means, but seeing as we might be a couple of years away from regular 8K content you might actually get a better picture for the same money elsewhere on this very page.