Taco Bell has released a new app that enables users to place an order for tacos from afar, and then come to the store to pick them up. The app is now focused on the menu and ordering, allowing users to select and customize their menu items (even including a drink selection where applicable), find restaurants, and add them to their order. You can even remotely pay with a saved credit card, debit card, or Taco Bell gift card.

Select a Taco Bell restaurant and when you get there, the staff will start building your order. Yeah, it's not as convenient as some "show up and it's ready" restaurant remote ordering apps are, but Taco Bell's never exactly been a slow-service eatery (there's a reason it's called "fast food"). And, as Taco Bell says in their app description: "We make your food when you arrive because just-prepared food is the best." And we can attest: Taco Bell isn't great when it's been allowed to sit and marinate in its own greases.

You can even place an order well in advance and pick it up hours later. The app uses your location to check you in on arrival, offering users a lock screen or banner notification to finish the check-in.

There are other features in the new Taco Bell app, including buying and reloading Taco Bell gift cards, nutritional information (if you're a masochist), and more, but that's going to have to wait until after go pick up our order of five Quesaritos. brb tacos

You can grab the new Taco Bell app for free from Google Play