New Snapdragon processors on the way -- snappier speeds lower power use

These days, folks scoff at the thought of running anything less then a 1GHz processor on their devices. However uncalled for that scoffing may be, those that do will be glad to know the next generation of processors are already in the pipeline and are promising blazing speeds. Qualcomm, provider of chipsets to many of our beloved Android device manufacturers claim that its upcoming Snapdragon chipset, the MSM8960, will outperform their first set of snapdragon chips by nearly five times.

Clocking in at 1.2GHz, Qualcomm states their upcoming chipset will use 75 percent less power, thanks to a 28-nanometer processor that's new to mobile devices and will have support for LTE (Long Term Evolution) onboard, making your device 4G-compatible even if you're not on a carrier which offers 4G services. To us, that sounds like Qualcomm wants to push manufacturers and carriers to 4G. Fine by us, that's for sure. Come 2011 when the chips are expected to arrive, we'll be more then ready to make use of them. Heck, we've been ready for a while now. We're just stuck waiting for someone to put this tech to work. [PCWorld]