New Quick View joins other improvements in latest Nest update

Nest has announced an upcoming 4.3 software update for smart thermostats. This software upgrade will begin rolling out to Wi-Fi connected Nest thermostats through next week, enabling home owners to take advantage of some new features and improvements.

The company has been able to fine tune algorithms used to help customers save even more energy. The auto-schedule tool has been enhanced, making the thermostat learn and adapt to schedule changes more efficiently. These sorts of changes are welcomed, but visual improvements also matter to users, which is where the quick view comes into play.

Nest 4.3

This new quick view displays current time and outside temperature, as well as other details including just how much energy you've saved. But if not all is well with heating or air conditioning systems, the new software update will make it possible for Nest to run you through some tests to make it easy to see what's wrong (if anything).

Source: Nest

Rich Edmonds