Google's new Pixel 3a doesn't support Daydream VR

Google finally unveiled the Pixel 3a and 3a XL yesterday at Google I/O 2019 to much fanfare. The new Pixels start at $400, and despite a few compromises, provide an experience very similar to the original Pixel 3 phones.

However, to meet the new lower price point, sacrifices had to be made — one of which is Daydream support, Android's VR platform.

While Daydream works fine with the original Pixel 3 lineup, Google stated before I/O that the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are incompatible due to "resolution and framerate issues."

With other VR headsets being released and gaining more support, including a standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream (opens in new tab) headset, it's likely those serious about VR will opt for those products over running it on their phones anyways. It is, however, important that fans of Daydream be aware that it's not compatible if you were considering picking up one of Google's new midrange devices.

Plus, if you just want a simple VR fix, you can always pick up a cheap Google Cardboard (opens in new tab) and call it a day.

Power to the Pixel

  • I am not really interested in VR so I don't know the answer to this but are the Pixel 2 phones compatible? I find their reason for not supporting it kind of interesting and a little suspect. Most people looking to buy a $400 phone probably don't care much about VR anyway.
  • I believe the Pixel 2 is indeed compatible with the daydream vr since a second version of the headset released at the time that phone was released. It also could have something to do with the processor as to why it was not compatible.
  • Pixel 1 and 2 are compatible with it. I'm really surprised the 3a won't be. I didn't realize it'd be behind the pixel 1 in resolution and frame rate.
  • Really unacceptable to be honest. I get you want to keep costs up for flagships... but a $500 OnePlus 6T trumps the original $800 Pixel 3... you can't drop specs that much where it breaks all the reasons to go with Pixel. Hard pass.
  • All the reasons to go with a Pixel? The only reasons to ever have gone with a Pixel were the camera and software support, the 3a keeps both if those, for half the price of the flagships.