How Nanab and Pinap berries in Pokémon Gen 2 will improve your game

Just when you thought the hype over Pokémon Go had cooled down to a simmer, Niantic announced a huge new update. To help you capture the 80 new species of Pokémon being added to the game, there is the addition of two new types of berries; Pinap and Nanab.

Nanab berries

The Nanab Berry isn't here to replace your Razzberries, instead it's going to help you to become even more effective when trying to catch Pokémon. Especially if you are dealing with a particularly shy Pokémon that is prone to running away — Abra, we're looking at you little buddy! The Ninab berry looks like a banana, but it's no joke.

Each time that you throw a Ninab Berry at a Pokémon you are attempting to capture it will slow it down. This means it will take them much longer to dodge, making them much easier to hit and capture. That also makes it extra handy when used in conjunction with the Razzberry, since you can slow down a Pokémon to capture him, and then ensure he has one heck of a time escaping your clutches.

Pinap Berries

Pinap Berries look like a Pineapple, but unlike Razzberries or Nanab Berries, it won't aid you in capturing a new Pokémon. Instead, it will ensure that you get the biggest perk possible once you eventually capture that pocket monster. Each time you use a Pinap Berry and then successfully catch a Pokémon you will receive double candy for your efforts.

While that might not seem like much for some Pokémon, it does mean that gathering up enough candy to finally evolve your Magikarp to a Gyarados. Likewise, that may mean you want to hold onto your Pinap Berries until you come across a rare Pokémon, or one that is just a few candies off from evolution in order to maximize the benefits of the candy.

Jen Karner

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