Netflix finally goes live in the UK, download the Android app now

What you see here folks is something that a lot of us in the UK have been waiting a long time for. Netflix is now finally live in the UK, and that of course means the Android offering is too.

Reports have been drifting across the interwebs over the last couple of days about PS3's in the UK mysteriously receiving a Netflix application but that signup wasn't yet possible. But now, you can head on over to right now and sign up for a one month free trial to the service which will cost just £5.99 a month thereafter to stream as much content as you like.

There seems to be a pretty decent selection of content at launch, and this is sure to only increase as time goes by. But for now, you get it free for a month so hit the download links after the break to see what all the fuss is about. It seems to be compatible with a wide range of Android 2.2 and up devices as well.

Richard Devine