See how the Nest Thermostat could pay for itself in just two years

Considering the Nest Thermostat, but aren't entirely sure if it's worth the investment? The company aims to help sway your decision by showing just how much money the home connected device can save you. Nest isn't your average programmable thermostat, it's a smart device that learns and adapts to your preferences.

The company found that consumers in the US with Nest installed saved between 10-12% on their heating bills.

That amount, alongside approximately 15% on cooling bills, equates to around $145 a year in savings, which isn't bad. In fact, the company states the thermostat can literally pay for itself in under two years. The data comes from two independent studies that will be followed by an internal study. Nest has also released a white paper showing how the thermostat can save energy, which is worth reading if you're considering the purchase.

Finally, here's a neat infographic showing how the company has updated the Nest thermostat with new features and improvements:

Read more over on the Nest blog.

Source: Nest

Rich Edmonds