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Nest co-founder Matt Rogers is leaving the company after nine years

On February 7, Nest announced that it was officially merging with Google's hardware division in an effort to make the best possible smart home products that it could. One day after this, Nest co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Matt Rogers, is leaving the company.

Rogers made the announcement on Twitter, with his full statement reading as follows:

After almost nine incredible, intense years working to build Nest, I've decided to begin my transition to dedicate more of my time to, as well as to start thinking about the next adventure. In the coming months, I'll be working closely with Google's Hardware leads to define the 2019 roadmap and to ensure a smooth integration of Nest into Google's Hardware group.Nest has been an amazing journey and the honor of my career to build. Together with the Nest team and our partners, we've helped save over 19 billion kWh of energy, helped save a number of lives -- both human and pets -- with Nest Protect, and helped families feel more safe at home with Nest Secure and Nest Cam. And along the way, we managed to build the leading brand in the connected home space. I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and can't wait to see what's next for Nest.

As mentioned above, Rogers will be moving on to – and investment firm he's been involved with since last year. Rogers co-founded Nest back in 2011 with Tony Fadell, and seeing as how Fadell left in 2016, Rogers' departure means that Nest's two co-founders are both officially gone.

Nest officially merges with Google's hardware division

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  • Venture Capitalist much?
  • Probably because in the past Google has shown that they damage many of the products they take in house. Just look at all the issues with pixel.
  • It's less about damage and more about abandonment. Look at Motorola. Google was on the right path with the hardware, but decided to sell it off rather than continue to invest.
  • Nah Google got what it needed from Motorola. Selling off the baggage and starting again made a lot more sense.
  • Hey when you have a sh**-ton of money it's easy to ditch a job to "find new adventures".
  • true dat
  • +1 4 Arlo
  • After 9 years. He's spreading his wings and leaving the "NEST". =D