NBCUniversal releases SYFY, USA Network, and more apps for Android TV

Android TV
Android TV (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • NBCUniversal has released apps for several of its most popular networks for Android TV.
  • The apps include Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, and USA Network.
  • The apps allow you to watch on-demand or live.

It seems Android TV has always lagged behind other platforms like Roku when it comes to app selection, but support has been ramping up the past couple of years. On July 10, Android TV got a big surprise when NBCUniversal dropped five new apps to give users access to hit shows across several of its networks.

The new apps include Bravo (opens in new tab), E! (opens in new tab), Oxygen (opens in new tab), SYFY (opens in new tab), and USA Network (opens in new tab). All of the apps feature a similar design and layout with sections for watching on-demand or even live television.

Of course, watching live television requires a cable login, but NBCUniversal provides you with three credits that allow you to watch without signing in.

Thanks to NBCUniveral's new family of apps you'll now be able to stream shows such as Krypton, The Magicians, Futurama, Mr. Robot, Suits, and, of course, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Another great feature of the apps is you won't have to jump back and forth between them to catch all these great shows. Under the Networks section of the app, it allows you to hop between all of the different channels owned by NBCUniversal, making it more convenient to stream all your favorite shows.

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  • I hope they add a Disney+ one when their streaming service launches...I needs to see "The Mandalorian" and the last season of "The Clone Wars"...and then later on the "Rogue One" prequel series...🤤🙏
  • Get ready for the nightmare world in which we pay each channel a fee to subscribe to their app per month, coming full circle back around to paying even more than originally paid for cable...
  • That may eventually happen, but Cable companies, or companies like Netflicks or Sling will continue to exist and probably make it affordable for those who want to bundle many channels at once. I "cut the cord" only about 8 months ago after moving and the only thing I have is Amazon Prime and an HBO subscription, plus an OTA antenna. I'd contemplated switching before but Dish gave me a good deal to keep me around for a year after I first tried to cancel. I use the OTA service to watch NFL, local news, and get the same type of satisfaction I used to while flipping through cable channels. I don't have enough time in the day to watch the content that comes out on just HBO. I was paying for Prime before, but I must admit I started using Prime TV more after I got rid of my cable. Yeah, I'll probably pay for Disney+ when it comes out because I have two kids but I don't ever see myself going back to Cable, but that's my use model right now. The only thing I really miss from Cable is being able to watch MotoGP live, and sure I can fork out the money directly to DORNA which is shockingly expensive but gets all sorts of access that's not available on cable, but I decided to live without it for now. I for one welcome our new streaming overlords!