myTouch 4G -- showing off its four colors

Just days after the myTouch 4G ROM leaked to a sleepless community of hackers and developers, the device from which the ROM was torn from is in the spotlight showing off its true colors.

Images emerged that prove T-Mobile plans on enlivening its handset lineup by adding a splash of color to its yet-to-be-released myTouch 4G phones. In addition to the obligatory offering of white and black, T-Mobile subscribers will be able to get their myTouch 4G in a cool shade of purple, or a nice warm dark red.

Oh, but wait -- let's confuse things a little. TmoNews got some accessory instructions that show the name as myTouch HD. Hmmmmm.

Nobody knows for sure when the myTouch/4G/HD will land on T-Mobile, but lots of speculation suggests myTouch/4G/HD owners will be surfing in style around mid-November. [CellPhone Signal, TmoNews]