MWC: Haier Shows Off Android Phones?

Engadget reports that Haier, a company associated with household appliances to us, showed off a few noteworthy devices at MWC. Unfortunately we know next to nothing about these two devices other than the fact that they supposedly run Android. They couldn't even showcase the phone in action because it was "out of batteries". Not to mention that the two phones are called the G1 and G2. Huh!?

The fun doesn't stop there. There's supposed to be a Blackberry Curve 8900 look-a-like device that wasn't shown and ANOTHER device that the PR for Haier wasn't even certain of. So really, in all, Haier didn't show anything other than two supposed Android devices (one strikingly resembles a Blackberry Storm) and two vaporware devices. Yeah..

Casey Chan