MrMobile's Nokia 7.1 hands-on: An affordable eyeful for the US midrange

If you live anywhere but the United States, the Nokia 7.1 isn't likely to turn your head – we've seen the broad strokes of this design before in the Europe and India markets. But for American phone buyers, who probably haven't even thought of the name "Nokia" in years, the 7.1 might raise a few eyebrows. For $349, you get a stunning glass-on-aluminum build; Zeiss optics in the "Bothie"-capable camera; and the pure freshness of Android One with guaranteed updates for two years. Of course, you also get a Snapdragon 636 and the decidedly ugly combination of a big notch and a big chin – so the 7.1 ain't gonna be for everyone.

Intrigued? I spent an afternoon snapping Bothies with the Nokia 7.1 in NYC alongside my Android Central cohort Hayato Huseman, so click on through to the hands-on video above for an early look at the phone! Then check out Android Central's own hands-on right here, and be sure you're subscribed to theMrMobile on YouTube so you don't miss the full review when it lands later in the season!

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