"From where I'm sitting, this is the last time the company can hike its prices without a significant upgrade in design or camera performance."

That's how I closed out my review of the last OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus 5T released in November. Well, wouldn't ya know it: the OnePlus 6 (announced moments ago) features an upgraded design, better camera specs, and –yes– a price hike to go with 'em. The former king of value in the smartphone space, whose first product cost a mere $299 in 2014, now asks a minimum of $529 for the OnePlus 6. Maybe that's no surprise given the phone's Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, the reintroduction of OIS to the main camera, and OnePlus's by-now-expected insane amounts of RAM (6GB-8GB depending on trim). But are specs enough to get you to cross the $500 threshold for a OnePlus phone?

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The answers in the full OnePlus 6 review coming soon. For now, check out my initial impressions in the hands-on video above, hit up Android Central's piece for the full take, and swing by Twitter for the Android Central/MrMobile AMA on all things OnePlus 6!

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