MrMobile: The Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone that's actually worth $1000

I get it, you guys: no one thinks smartphones should actually cost a thousand bucks. Motorola kicks out incredible quality on the low end with its Moto G series; the OnePlus 6 delivers a truly exceptional experience at under $550; and buying last year's flagships is another smart way to save coin. Given all these options, it seems ludicrous to drop ten Benjamins for any mobile device.

But the $1000 phone isn't going anywhere, folks – and not just because people like me are "saying it's okay," as I've read many times in the comments. Rising component costs, market forces like inflation, and (yes) good old-fashioned greed will ensure that four-figure phones remain a reality for years to come. Plus, in a country like the United States where four out of every five smartphones are sold by a carrier with a monthly installment plan, the sting of that spend is sufficiently dulled that people are still whipping out the wallets. Just ask Apple.

The question then becomes: if you're not in the market for an iPhone, but you're willing to spend four figures for a supreme experience, which phone is worth the cheddar? Probably not one of the indulgent Porsche Design-branded Huaweis, unless you really need to stand out. And importing an Oppo Find X will still run you more than you should spend (at least until the European model becomes more widely available).

No, for me it's Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, with its epic combination of near-flawless screen, large battery, top-shelf specs, and newly-revised S Pen stylus, that wins the day. Sure, it's still a glass sandwich, which I'm getting a little tired of, and I'm not getting the kind of endurance I think I should be from a power pack this robust ... but even after taking these compromises into account, the Galaxy Note 9 is still the only phone I'd willingly drop a thousand bucks on. Check out my in-depth thoughts in the Galaxy Note 9 review video above, then head over to Android Central's full review here ... and if you have a contrary opinion, feel free to @ me – by subscribing to the YouTube Channel and leaving a comment there!

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