Once your get your Motorola Xoom, you're going to want to consider a case. Cases help protect your Motorola Xoom from scratches and dings. Some cover the screen, others protect from the elements. Here's a handy guide:

Motorola Xoom skin cases

Motorola Xoom cases

Motorola Xoom skin cases offer maximum protection for the tablet from nicks and dings while adding very little bulk to the tablet. They should have access to all of the tablets's ports and buttons, as well as the camera.

Motorola Xoom Flip-Lid cases

Motorola Xoom Flip-Lid Cases

Motorola Xoom flip -lid cases are great for people who need a more versatile case. One that can protect against nicks and digs but also close over top of the screen to protect it as well. Most flip-lid cases may also be be referred to as folio cases as they provide all around protection and may also be used as a stand for your tablet.