Motorola Tao aka Verizon Motorola Sholes Caught in the Wild !

Why hello there Motorola Tao. Though we once knew you as the Motorola Sholes, we think this new name fits you better. The clean lines and high-end build certainly make you look exquisite, amazing, and all types of superlative adjectives we're not sure even exist yet.

Though we don't get a full look at the Motorola Tao in the picture, this brief little preview will certainly keep all Android phone makers up at night. Don't forget that the Tao also rocks a QWERTY slider form-factor that's sure to make physical keyboard enthusiasts a tizzy. Seriously, we need official confirmation of this puppy ASAP. Did we mention that the Motorola Tao is supposed to come to Verizon and just cleared the FCC? So, who's interested in the Verizon Motorola Tao?

Anyone care to vote which upcoming Android phone they're excited for most now?


thanks Carlos for the tip!

Casey Chan