Waiting is never easy, especially when the wait doesn't make sense. In the case of the unlocked Moto Z, sold directly to consumers by Motorola, users have been waiting nearly two months for an update to Nougat that was rolled out to the Verizon variant in late November. Usually, unlocked versions receive updates first because they require purportedly require less testing and don't need to adhere to carriers' strict guidelines for network performance and optimization.

The good news is that Motorola has confirmed to us that Nougat will be rolling out to the unlocked Moto Z in February, though the spokesperson neglected to say when in the shorter month it would arrive. The person also let us know that both the Verizon and unlocked versions of the Moto Z Play, our favorite mid-range phone of last year, would get Android 7.0 in March.

The discrepancy between the Verizon and unlocked versions of the Moto Z is due to the fact that the former was released in late July, while the latter came out at the end of September. It may seem like there's nothing between the two, but they're on separate software paths, with different teams working on them, since the unlocked version is optimized for AT&T and T-Mobile.

The Moto spokesperson hinted, but would not confirm, that the Moto Z Play update would arrive for unlocked and Verizon units at the same time during March.

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