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Motorola addressing the Droid X's speaker volume in future update

Motorola employee Matt has stated in their official support forums that Moto plans to address the low volume of notifications on the Droid X with an upcoming software release.  Note that no mention of Froyo was made, so this could very well be a minor bug fix -- which nobody would be mad about.  He also goes on to say that certain ringtones are louder than others and gives a list of the loudest.  The top three are:

  • BollyWood
  • Dancin' Fool
  • Digital Phone

You can see the full list of the 10 loudest notification tones on the Droid X at the source link.  How's the notification volume on your X?  Sound off in the comments and in the forums! [Motorola support (opens in new tab) via Android Central forums]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • will this make music louder too?
  • Good to see this. Like mentioned before hopefully this will address the music loudness issue.
  • My alarm clock is so weak compared to the Droid. Louder is better
  • good to know that some of this is software related.
    on a similar topic, i've noticed that call volume on my x10 is quite low even at maximum. does anyone know of a patch or quick fix for that sort of issue?
  • I haven't had any problems except for text messages and that is due to my choice of notification....
  • all my notifications are Weak cant wait for a Software Update! and also the music!
  • I make and use all of my own ringtones/notifications/alarms, and i've never had a problem with their loudness. However, that's not the case with the music that i have on my phone. Even at the loudest setting, the volume is far, far lower than that of my previous phone, a myTouch 3G.
  • Are you holding your phone correctly as to not cut the decibel level? Lol, I couldn't help it. But seriously my notifications seem just fine, except for the alarm clock.
  • The one thing that I hope this improves is the Volume while the "X" is in the Car Dock. I have to turn both the Air Conditioning and the Radio completely off to have a chance at hearing the caller.
  • I have not noticed anything with notification volume, I keep mine at 4/10 and it is loud enough.
  • The notification volume isn't the biggest volume issue with my DX. It is the speaker volume, both for calls on speaker, music, and when using Google turn-by-turn Navigation. The volume for all those functions is unacceptably low. The worst is for Navigation. It's a deal-breaker for me. If this update doesn't come out very very soon and if it does, and doesn't greatly improve the speaker volume, then I'm returning my Droid X. In fact, I already have plans to return it, but may wait a week longer to see if the update hits and if so, if it's any good.
  • Finally!
  • I''ve noticed that the volume is lower on my DX. Had a DI prior and the volume was much higher on it. This well be nice to hear things better.
  • This is the only real problem I noticed with this phone. I'm glad it could be fixed via software. It will be nice to have a ringtone that I can hear in the next room finally!
  • I agree; this is my only big complaint. Consequently, this was just about the only thing I liked about my BB Storm; the speaker/volume control on that phone was great.
  • My DX is already loud.. i can hear all my notifications and phone calls from across the house, and can with the volume on music play turned all the way up its so loud im afraid of damaging the speaker so I always turn it down one click.
    I hope this update doesnt make my phone TOO loud
  • yesss..cant wait! speaker volume is so low i thought it was only me. Iam coming from a bb storm and that speaker on the storm was waaayyyyy louder than this x but its good to see that motorola is addressing the issue. :)
  • Does anyone else feel like they are trying to operate their X as if there were tissue paper between your finger and the phone? It's fast, it's powerful...but I feel like it's just not that responsive (or something -- it's hard to pin down). I am about 3 weeks into my 30-day trial period, and I'm thinking about trading it out for the Incredible (which my wife has and which I like quite a bit -- though it's not quite as fast as the X). I also just feel like the X is too big -- so big that it's hard to type with one hand. I'm still very much on the fence about this phone.
  • I'd rather they fix the issue with POP email accounts, Backup Assistant, and connectivity to cars' bluetooth systems. Oh well. This phone is still a major improvement over my old Tour.
  • My Speaker in my phone is horrible. I have missed soo many calls and text messages because of the low volume level. I have my phone turned all the way up and I am still not hearing it. I know some people say it is so loud. Not the case for me. I had a Blackberry Curve and that had a loud speaker. Please fix this ASAP before I return my it for something else. Everything else works well. The battery sucks a little bit,but its little computer and what more can you ask for. I just want to be able to hear my phone when it rings, and not with the annoying ringtones they put on there that motorola says are the loudest.