We've covered the whole Motorola saga here on Android Central ad nauseam. We know Motorola is going through a rough patch because they've had layoffs, they're losing appeal, marketshare, and so on. So we put two and two together and assumed that they would rush to make an early Android device to re-ignite their mobile division and shake up the industry as a whole. No such luck.

But here comes a report from PhoneScoop that Motorola is ditching Windows Mobile entirely and re-focusing their entire smartphone division to strictly Android. Huh!? We at Android Central have no complaints about that development but what took them so long to realize Android was their last chance at gaining back the customers they fumbled after the RAZR? Also in the report, Motorola is trimming down to about a dozen phones per year and won't be attending CTIA this year either.

What do you guys think? Will Motorola really leave Windows Mobile in the dust for the newer, shinier smartphone OS?

[via WMExperts]