Motorola CEO talks future, including tablets and LTE

Sanjay Jha, the CEO of Motorola, spoke at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, alluding to some of Motorola's future plans in regards to mobile. He confirmed that Motorola will be introducing 7-inch and 10-inch tablets, as well as focusing on different sectors with the upcoming devices. Jha not only wants to target retail, but the enterprise space as well. 

Even though there are confirmed tablets coming from Motorola, Jha said that they would continue to focus on smartphones, both at the top-tier and mid-tier range. Might we see the Motorola Olympus soon?

He also confirmed that there will be a 4G LTE device "early next year." 

Another interesting tidbit was that he mentioned that there will be a competitive change at Verizon Wireless early next year. Speculation points to the iPhone 4, which would definitely force enormous competition at Big Red. 

Interesting comments from Jha. We already had speculation about much of this information, but it's always nice to hear it reinforced from the CEO. [BGR]

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Sean Brunett
  • Let's hope they start focusing more on customer service - after all the crap Droid X owners have been through.
  • This might be a little picky, but Jha is Co-CEO of Motorola, Inc., but CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices only. That is all.
  • I think I've bought my last moto phone in the X. Great hardware locked down ftl.
  • I don't get it it. Did he confirm the Olympus or what?
  • Yes because the CEO of Motorola would know what Apple and Verizon plan on doing together. Im sure his comments have to do with, idk maybe MOTOROLA!! and not Apple. Everyone needs to get their head out of apples A$$ and stop twisting every little thing to make it about Verizon getting the iPhone.
  • Why does every one hate the X? I love it yea its locked but I can get different roms overclock it update. This thing is a blast. Best dam phone I've had ever.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself...I love the X. It's the best smart phone I've ever had and even with the upgrade to Froyo. My first smart phone was the Treo 650 so I've seen them all. Comments here make it sound like as if it's a colossal failure...confused?!?!