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Motorola to begin testing rugged Android tablet, looking to target enterprise

If you thought Motorola's tablet efforts were done now that the Motorola XOOM has been released, then you may be surprised by this little bit of news. It looks as though they'll be going after the enterprise environment now with a brand new, Gingerbread powered tablet that will be going into beta testing come October.

As outlined above, specs are calling for a dual-core 1GHz OMAP 4 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB NAND, a 7-inch LCD display, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, all with USB connectivity and a 1.3MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear-facing. And check out that expansion module for "snap in peripherals."

Taking some styling from the Motorola Defy, this upcoming tablet is noted to withstand a four foot drop all while being protected from dust, extreme temperatures and even water. Although, we're not suggesting you take it swimming. [Engadget]

  • Why doesn't it run Honeycomb? Motorola should still have HC from development for the XOOM, wonuldn't they?
  • I was wondering that as well, think it has something to do with the Enterprise support?
  • No idea but, still weird it only has GB
  • I believe that 3.0 is optimized to run on a 10" tablet and not a 7" and that's why this one only has 2.3 on it. I could be wrong though.
  • Android 1.x - 2.x is optimized to run on a 3.5 - 4.3 inch screen but, that didn't stop Dell (Streak 5 & Streak 7) and Samsung (original Galaxy Tab)