Atrix 4G

The Motorola Atrix 4G has had a bit of a rough go out the gates. While many would say that it just having Moto Blur is bad enough, the whole blocking of upload speeds on the device by multiple carriers didn't help it any. To add to those issues, many users (including Phil) have confirmed the device does suffer from some rather serious voice quality concerns.

While Motorola won't be able to address some of those issues, they have started looking into the voice concerns and are now accepting up to 1,000 users that will be selected to test out a new software release that hopes to address some of the remaining bugs in the device. Sadly, at this time they've not given off a list of enhancements coming with the software update but-- they will post them when registration closes. If you're among those having issues you'll likely want to try and get into the program. Hit the source link for the full details and to get yourself registered. Given Motorola hasn't posted the changes to be included, the voice quality issues still may not be in this release. [Motorola Forums]